Odoo Sales: A Useful Integration For Odoo CRM


Odoo is one of the most innovative CRM solutions out there. The CRM is well equipped to handle business operations seamlessly and comes equipped with various features to ensure just that. Odoo Sales is one of the most useful of those features and has the potential to revolutionize how businesses manage customer relationships.

Odoo Sales is an application with several unique features that help its users be more productive by improving their sales efficiency, managing their orders and contracts, as well as easing communication between different parties. Other features include frequent reporting and creating professional quotations.

Integrations of Odoo apps can be done with the Odoo CRM to allow users to benefit from both platforms. With Odoo CRM Integration, users can merge their data and resources from the CRM with that of the Sales app. In this way, both platforms can be used mutually for the user’s benefit.

So what are the features that the Odoo sales app brings to the union? Let’s dive in!

Ensure Professional Quotations 

The Odoo Sales app comes with a quotation builder. With the help of this, vendors can create professional quotations quickly, without having to spend too much time polishing up their own. Coupled with that, the app also includes a quotation template. Users can design, configure, and create their own templates too. The settings for future quotations can also be done once a first quotation is made.

The feature of adding an optional product to the quotation allows users to pitch more of their products to the clients. This marketing strategy allows cross-selling of products, by pitching similar products to that of the purchase. Additionally, users can get an online signature on their quotations to confirm an order. Another interesting feature is the use of deadlines on quotations to stimulate the customers to make a deal, as well as cut losses in the event that a deal is not turning out to be profitable.

Convenient Invoicing Methods

Vendors might need different methods of invoicing, depending on their needs. In the Odoo Sales app, the default rule is that the invoice will be sent to the customers once the sales order is confirmed. However, another invoicing rule available is to invoice clients once the delivery is done. For businesses with variable product quantities, such as food or liquid in bulk, such invoicing methods work better.

The app also enables users to request down payments as a means of ensuring commitment and anticipating any losses in the event of an accident. Apart from that, users can draft and send Pro-forma invoices. These are estimated invoices sent to the customer as a preliminary quotation, which details the goods, their value, and transport details. Reimbursement of company expenses while working on a lead also requires the issuance of a re-invoice which is also easily done in the app.

Easy Product Management

The inventory of products available in a company needs to be managed in an organized fashion. The Odoo Sales app allows vendors to use product variants such as the size or color of a product to organizing at the variant level or the template level. Additionally, products can be imported into the system with their information such as categories and variants using the import templates in the import tool.

Solutions For Taxation

The relevant taxes that are applied in the user’s country are automatically installed in the app. Default taxes are also set in orders and invoices. The app also enables tax-mapping to ease the procedure required to set the tax rates depending on the localization of the customer. Another useful feature is the inclusion of a tax on consumer prices. This is hugely beneficial for countries that include taxes in their products by default.

The Odoo Sales App also has a TaxCloud integration which can calculate the sales tax rate for every location within the United States and keeps track of the products that may be exempt from taxation, with respect to each state. The calculation is done in real-time with respect to each state and is done accurately.

Pricing Issues Resolved

The price list feature in Odoo helps vendors adopt a pricing strategy with respect to their needs. In the price list, the app determines the suggested price while keeping pricing rules under consideration. The vendors can set up the exact price rules and can also override the suggestions, should they not be appropriate.

The feature can also be used to manage prices in foreign countries using the ‘allow multi-currencies’ setting. The action would require the user to have an ‘Advisor’ access. For each currency for which the pricing is required, one pricelist is created. The new currency appears in the pricelist setup form.

The Bottom Line!

Odoo CRM benefits from the many functionalities in the Odoo Sales app by simple integration. The resulting CRM would be able to ensure seamless business operations while at the same time, ensuring flexibility that can be shown to clients in order to retain them. The innovative features that Odoo has to offer can be incorporated by leveraging the expertise of RT Dynamic. Our team of Odoo certified experts can assist you in making the Odoo Sales app a part of your Odoo CRM.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.  Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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