What Makes Odoo The Best CRM For Social Media Integration?


The key to running a successful business is the need to stay up to date and in touch with clients. With the advent of an increasingly globalized digital age, the need to keep up the communication with clients has increased accordingly. 

In order to do so, businesses seek to leverage multiple social media platforms to reach their clients. These platforms could be in the form of blogs, videos or photo-sharing websites, social networking sites, or social bookmarking websites.

The best way to bridge the gap between vendors and social media is to integrate social media with the existing CRM platform of the vendors. This allows for easy management of all business processes from a single platform.

Odoo CRM, in this regard, is the best CRM platform for social media integration. The CRM comes well equipped with features such as the Odoo Social Marketing platform, which is designed just for the purpose of social media integration.

What exactly does Odoo CRM have to offer when it comes to social media integration? Let’s find out!

Odoo Social Marketing

The Odoo 13 platform first introduced the Odoo Social Marketing Integration. The platform enables users to streamline communication with clients and stay on top of their social media presence. 

Use Social Media Within Odoo

Odoo Social Marketing allows users to operate social media accounts from within the Odoo interface. By clicking on the ‘add a stream’ tab, users can get their choice of social media platforms to pick. Once an account is created, its information is also populated in the feed. 

Social Networking Features Module

This module allows you to carry out any action that could be done on the social media account, from within the CRM platform. This includes adding or removing friends, participating in group discussions, one-on-one chat, and even the creation and management of content pages.

Enable Push Notifications

To all the subscribers of your business’s website, push notifications can be sent from within the Odoo Social Marketing interface. Once the push notifications are enabled, any visitor on a user’s website will receive pop-up requesting access to send the notifications. At the same time as granting access, the visitor will also be able to subscribe to the website.

Create Campaigns

A campaign helps vendors advertise their products and services to prospective customers. While campaign management normally requires the creators to manage multiple platforms at a time, with Odoo Social Marketing, they can be executed in a much more simple manner. The campaign tab within the platform is populated with important metrics like Revenue, Quotations, and Leads.

Mobile User Interface

Moving away from the Odoo Social Marketing platform, other special features of Odoo make it a perfect CRM for social media integration. One feature that contributes heavily to this is the Odoo mobile application. With the availability of a mobile interface, users can manage their social media accounts from within their CRM platform, on the go. The app is well equipped to handle all the functionality that a desktop interface has. In this way, vendors can comfortably manage their operations without missing out on any Odoo features.

Live Chat

The Odoo live chat can be enabled on the vendor’s website with the help of the Odoo CRM. With this feature, prospective customers can be sought and converted into leads. The chat feature can be tailored according to the specific country where the website is being viewed. The live chat option is also available on the Odoo Social Marketing platform.

Leverage RT Dynamic’s Integration Expertise!

At RT Dynamic, we are aware of the need to keep your CRM platform up to date with the best integration solutions out there. With our experienced team of developers, integrate any social media platform with your Odoo CRM. The resulting platform would be one that is well equipped to handle the needs of clients at all times, from all over the world.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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