SuiteCRM Workflows

Every firm has a distinctive business model and thus requires unique workflows. The default workflows of SuiteCRM offer limited functionalities and do not have the capability to achieve complex operations. SuiteCRM developers at RT Dynamic have implemented numerous SuiteCRM customizations through custom coding which were not possible with the default SuiteCRM workflows.

Workflow Implementations

Here are a few custom workflows we have implement for our clients in SuiteCRM:

  • Time based scheduled triggers
  • Bi-directional record synching with third party software
  • Sending information to records (via SMS or Email) after record update
  • Email alert to SuiteCRM admin on duplicate record creation
  • Automatically moving records to the next step (in the user defined business process) on Status update
  • Automatic task logging
  • Automatic event creation on SuiteCRM Calendar when appointments/tasks/meetings are associated with records

Why RT Dynamic?

With extensive experience in the CRM industry and having successfully delivered more than 600 CRM projects to our clients from different industry verticals, we possess the skills and the expertise to deliver the perfect SuiteCRM solution for your business. No matter how complex your business workflows might be, we have more than 100 SuiteCRM experts who can handle any complex business requirement through custom coding.

Get in touch with our SuiteCRM consultants today to build workflows that align with your business model.

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