SuiteCRM Workflows Customization and Implementation

Every firm has a distinctive business model and thus requires unique workflows. The default workflows of SuiteCRM offer limited functionalities and do not have the capability to achieve complex operations. SuiteCRM developers at RT Dynamic have implemented numerous SuiteCRM customizations through custom coding which were not possible with the default SuiteCRM workflows.


SuiteCRM Workflow Customizations

Automate routine tasks and make your business processes simple by breaking them down with easy instructions. SuiteCRM Workflow customization will optimize your business operations and help in saving time and resources to focus on tasks that will level up your company. 

Being a flexible CRM platform, SuiteCRM lets you implement simple workflows for increased efficiency. However, for the complex ones, RT Dynamic has you covered. Our highly-skilled team is adept at creating custom workflows for different industry verticals and has always received positive customer reviews. 

SuiteCRM Workflow Examples

Here are a few custom workflows we have implemented for our clients in SuiteCRM:

  • Time-based scheduled triggers
  • Bi-directional record syncing with third-party software
  • Sending information to records (via SMS or Email) after record update
  • Email alert to SuiteCRM admin on duplicate record creation
  • Automatically moving records to the next step (in the user-defined business process) on status update
  • Automatic task logging
  • Automatic event creation on SuiteCRM Calendar when appointments/tasks/meetings are associated with records

Benefits of SuiteCRM Workflow Implementation

Over the years, RT Dynamic has helped many companies to streamline and automate their business processes for increased efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of SuiteCRM workflow implementation:

Business Process Automation

Make business processes simpler and effective with rule implementation. Workflows in SuiteCRM will break down complex tasks and create triggers for specified actions.

Marketing Campaigns

Leverage CRM workflows to run effective marketing campaigns. RT Dynamic can help you in creating workflows for drip campaigns, lead scoring and create alerts for any assigned event.

Lead Generation

Workflows also help in lead generation by creating rules for your CRM to add contacts to the database and segment them based on their interaction with the Call to Action. 

Customer Service Workflows

Automate the process of ticket management in customer service with CRM workflows to get a high rate of ticket resolution.  

Get your customized workflow needs assessment

Breaking Down Complex Workflows

When companies scale their business, the workflows become complex. At RT Dynamic, we ensure the smooth operations of your company by managing and organizing multi-stage workflows. We put all our efforts to make your tasks simple and assure that you see a boost in productivity.

Get More Done In Less Time

Cut the hassle of manual data entry and automate tasks that take hours by building workflows in your SuiteCRM. Our CRM experts at RT Dynamic ensure that you get your repetitive tasks done with the ease of a click and level up your business with custom-designed workflows.

Why RT Dynamic?

With extensive experience in the CRM industry and has successfully delivered over 700 CRM projects to our clients from different industry verticals, we possess the skills and the expertise to deliver the perfect SuiteCRM solution for your business. No matter how complex your business workflows might be, we have more than 150 SuiteCRM experts who can handle any complex business requirements through custom coding.


Get in touch with our SuiteCRM consultants today to build workflows that align with your business model.

Yes, our Certified SuiteCRM Developers can incorporate your business logic and modules for a completely customized business process workflow that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

A process is a step by step execution of tasks. A workflow is an automated tool that is constantly analyzed to ensure the process is execution in an optimized manner. We at RT Dynamic can help you customize both your business processes and business workflows for maximum productivity and ROI.

Workflow automation in SuiteCRM can benefit businesses in the form of increased efficiency levels. It can cut down on repetitive and redundant tasks while getting other business processes done smoothly and timely.

This might be a result of either getting the wrong workflows automated or not having sufficient automation to increase your business efficiency. Contact SuiteCRM experts such as RT Dynamic for more detailed insights in this regard.

The categories in which workflow automation may fall include the following:

  • Administrative Workflows
  • Marketing Workflows
  • Sales Workflows
  • Customer Support Workflows
  • Accounting Workflows
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