Odoo Customization Solutions

On the whole, Odoo is one of the best business management solutions. You can, however, perfect it through customizations. The framework of Odoo has been designed intentionally to allow personalized customizations and configurations. We strengthen your organization by ensuring that your CRM technology emulates the vision you have for your business. Our skillful resources have delivered intuitive and optimal solutions. The customizations we provide increase the functionality of your CRM and increase its efficiency.


Odoo is one of the fastest growing business management solution providers. Over 4,50,000 companies, both start-ups and enterprises, have implemented Odoo. The popularity of Odoo has to do with the fact that companies can buy individual modules and add only the modules that complement their individual work processes. Additionally, Odoo can support a number of industry verticals. As Odoo experts, we know that without the customizations available off-the-shelf Odoo can not fulfil all of your company’s needs.

Our customization plan has been designed to maintain the authenticity of your business processes and the integrity of your data. Our teams are proficient in both cloud and on-premise editions of Odoo. We provide services for all Odoo versions after Odoo 10.0. Our services include both Odoo implementation and customization.

Our aim is to deliver a CRM solution that will drive unprecedented levels of productivity and ROI in your company. We have been in the industry for over 7 years and have served clients from across the globe. Our professionalism and expertise have earned us widespread recognition and respect. With our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise we can deliver exactly the solution you are looking for.


Odoo Configuration

We provide out-of-box configuration solutions. Our expertly crafted applications are designed to streamline your work processes. Our expert resources are adept at identifying potential nodes for Odoo integration and customization. With our assistance, you can get a full-featured CRM solution.
Our Odoo configurations include:

  • Additional Objects and Fields
  • Additional Tabs and Applications
  • Changes in Workflows
  • Additional Reports
  • Defining Validation Rules
  • Customized User Interface
  • Page Layout and Record Types

Odoo Customization

As Odoo experts, we are skilled at delivering solutions that will augment your Odoo’s utility and experience. Our developers understand all the technicalities of Odoo stack and can mould it effectively to your needs.

The customizations we perform include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Specialized Modules
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Advanced Filters
  • Personalized Workflows
  • Front-end Themes
  • Advanced Reporting Mechanism
  • Field-level Customizations
  • Trigger based Automation

Benefits of Odoo Customization

  • Get a Perfect Fit
    Odoo customizations will increase the process extension of your Odoo application. The increased features and additional functionality of your application. Customization will boost the productivity of your organization and enhance workflow optimization.
  • Simplified Interface and Agile Platform
    Customizations increase the agility of the platform. Similarly, the simplified nature of the front-end interface after customizations increases the usability of the platform.
  • Higher adaptation and mobility
    Users have reported a higher adoption rate after customizations since the technology is perfectly aligned with the needs of your company.
  • Longer Application Lifespan
    Without the customizations, the business management solution quickly becomes obsolete. Customizations ensure that your technology evolves with your company. Thus, increasing the application lifespan.

Odoo Apps That We Customize

Odoo provides dedicated applications for all of its products. You can choose any number of applications according to your needs. We customize all Odoo applications but our expertise lies in the following apps:

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • eCommerce
  • Website
  • Shipping
  • Invoicing

Odoo Personalization

Personalization is an essential part of customizing a CRM. It is different from customization in that it is more focused on the appearance of your Odoo so that it best reflects your brand identity and how you conduct business. Rebranding, look and feel, custom theme, design language (company specific), end-user adaptability are all things that we can customize according to your specific requirements.

Odoo Website Development

Our teams also specialize in Web Development Services for Odoo CRM. Instead of painstakingly planning and creating every aspect of your Odoo, we can go through the development, customization and implementation. We will provide the following website features as well:

  • Improved UX
  • Modern UI
  • Back-end Management
  • Front-end Designs
  • Themes

We have an in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap, and other Odoo compatible languages.

Why choose RT Dynamic for Odoo Customization Services?

RT Dynamic has consistently distinguished itself because of its unique and customer-centric solutions. We pride ourselves in being experts of the Odoo platform and have expertise in many industry verticals. We have customized Odoo for a large number of clients and are a trusted team who will stick with you until you are satisfied with the result.

Import and export of data in SuiteCRM depends upon a number of factors. Your current SuiteCRM version and the one you want to upgrade to, as well as the status of your customization (are they upgrade safe?) help us understand your current condition. Depending on your situation, our SuiteCRM developers design a migration/upgrade process that safeguards your current customization and integrations and helps you make the transition seamlessly.

Yes, SuiteCRM serves as an excellent Salesforce alternative open source CRM and can give you the features and functionalites you need in a cost effective manner. RT Dynamic is a Certified SuiteCRM Partner and our SuiteCRM developers have extensive experience in SuiteCRM Migration. Get in touch and we’ll help you migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM.

It is possible to migrate to SuiteCRM while keeping all of your previous settings. You just need the assistance of SuiteCRM migration experts to do the task for you. RT Dynamic has the expertise to deliver migration services without causing any changes in the CRM settings.

Maintenance of data integrity is vital during SuiteCRM data migration. Therefore, in order to keep the integrity of your data intact during the migration process, you should let Official SuiteCRM Partners such as RT Dynamic do the job for you.

Some of the most common issues faced when migrating data to SuiteCRM are listed below:

  • Error(s) in data mapping
  • Data formats not correct
  • Incorrect Functions
  • Data Duplication
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