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Why RT Dynamic?

RT Dynamic offers a wide variety of innovative mobile solutions so you can transform your business and close deals even when you are on the move. From consultation to development, implementation and maintenance, we are with you all the way.
Choosing the right development approach is important for delivering the right experience to your customers. We have team of talented and experienced software engineers and designers that focus exclusively on iPhone and Android development. We develop and deliver cutting edge and innovative solutions based on your needs and preferences. These include native and responsive apps for Android and iOS.

Native Applications

We at RT Dynamic help you build and design native applications that take full advantage of the built-in functionalities of your device and mobile platform. These apps can make use of your camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, gyroscope, the list of contacts and more for closed and public applications. We also help you publish it on various app stores, including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.
Our in-house mobile developers have wide exposure in delivering the following types of applications:

  • Enterprise and Closed Applications: Designed specifically for an individual keeping in mind their internal ecosystem.
  • Public Applications: Developed for the wider audience i.e. customers of a business for effective experience.

Responsive Applications

In the event a standalone native mobile app is not a feasible option for you, we also have expertise in devising responsive solutions that enhance that can enhance your website’s user experience and make it more mobile friendly for your customers. These websites allows you to offer a similar experience to a native app, although without a dedicated app store, in a more affordable fashion.

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