SuiteCRM Marketing Automation Solutions

SuiteCRM offers basic marketing automation features out of the box. The SuiteCRM workflow module lets you automatically add the right leads to the right campaign. You can automatically detect sales-ready leads and assign them to the appropriate sales agent. However, if you’re looking for additional marketing automation features and an all-around comprehensive solution, SuiteCRM can also be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of marketing automation platforms.


Why use marketing automation?

Consumers are now using multiple media platforms to gather data and stay up-to-date, making it difficult for your CRM to effectively keep track of these. Marketing automation, however perfectly complements your CRM and allows businesses to optimize their processes and engage customers across multiple channels. It offers ease in process and data management and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales and marketing team by saving time on administrative tasks, delivering messages with the right content to the right audience, closing deals faster through increased automation and increasing revenue and profits.

Lead Management

The lead management aspect of marketing automation comprises acquiring, scoring and nurturing leads until they are sales-ready. All these processes are critical to any company’s success. Marketing automation can help you track activities of your prospects in real time and all their interactions with your website along with their available demographics are conveniently stored in your CRM. A lead scoring criteria helps you prioritize these leads based on their activity or behaviors. Hot leads are passed along to sales while the cold ones can be nurtured with personalized content until they are ready. Thus, it helps forge strong relationships in the long run. Lead management is a complex multistep process but can be efficiently handled using marketing automation.

Email Marketing

Emails are the principal communication channels with potential leads. With an automation tool, you can test your email content, create beautiful email templates that match your product specifications, preview your emails across platforms and devices and do advanced email reporting. You can easily set up drip campaigns and send highly targeted emails to groups of leads, contacts, and accounts at preprogrammed times and frequencies while tracking engagement metrics. Marketing automation in CRM incorporates email marketing functionality and then expands on it by customizing content interactions through logic workflows.

Social Media Marketing

Integrating SuiteCRM with Marketing automation lets you create social campaigns, deliver engaging content via social media and effectively measure how these engagements perform. It combines social media with prospecting abilities and lets you know exactly what customers and prospects have to say about your brand, products and services, as well as how they respond to email messages and website content.

Landing Pages

Marketing automation lets you easily build custom landing pages and call-to-action pages (CTA) according to your unique goals and in line with your brand. Landing pages are especially useful for lead generation and help increase conversion rates through targeted promotion. You can market multiple products to audiences using highly customized landing pages with specifically targeted content.

Reporting and Analytics

Marketing automation platforms come with built-in reporting and analytics features that let you effectively monitor campaign ROI from multiple sources and compare marketing and sales activities. You can learn what drives traffic, who your top leads are and how they age over time. All in all, these help identify what works for your business and what needs fixing.

Marketing automation for Marketing

Marketing has evolved significantly over the years and marketing automation helps marketers effectively deal with this ever changing landscape. It enables marketers to identify and reach out to prospects at the right time and convert them to leads. They can nurture these leads to further push them down the sales funnel. Marketing can define rules for scoring and aggregating lead behaviors and characteristics. This lets them effectively prioritize and assess the quality of the leads before passing them along to sales. Even if a lead has been deemed “cold”, marketing automation can help nurture them through targeted content and emails until they become sales-ready.

Marketing automation for Sales

Marketing automation features can be just as beneficial for sales as they are for marketing. It helps sales people shorten their sales cycle and close more deals more efficiently. Your sales team can observe the activities of your prospects in real time. All their engagements with your website, social channels and emails can be monitored, logged and stored in your CRM, allowing your sales team to engage them in a more informed fashion and forge stronger relationships. Lead scoring helps marketing weed out unqualified prospects and enables sales to fully understand and interact with only hot leads. This helps boost conversions and often results in bigger deals. Moreover, salespeople can set up their own email campaigns and follow up with more customers through automated but personalized replies.

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM and that means it can seamlessly integrate with any third-party application. All top Marketing Automation platforms i.e. Hubspot, Sprout, Marketo can be integrated with SuiteCRM easily.

To consolidate all of your marketing activities and metrics. SuiteCRM helps you associate your marketing efforts with your contacts to give your sales team a 360 degree view of the progress.

Some of the best Marketing Automation tools which can be integrated with SuiteCRM include MailChimp for email marketing, Mautic for better customer insights, Marketo and Act-On.

The first step will be to calculate the ROI for the current time period (month, quarter or year). For that, you will apply the following formula:
Net Profit/Total Investment*100

The resulting ROI will be in percentage. However, only ROI calculation will not be enough. You will have to compare the time period during which you have been using the marketing automation tools against the time periods where you haven’t. Then you will get a clear picture of the effect of having marketing automation tools deployed within your CRM.

Since small businesses tend to have a small number of CRM users who are responsible for a wide range of tasks, it is recommended for them to automate their marketing processes to reduce the load on themselves. One way of doing so is through marketing automation in SuiteCRM. Get in touch with us to get your SuiteCRM Marketing workflows automated and streamline your business processes.

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