SuiteCRM Plugins

RT Dynamic has developed a wide array of robust and dynamic plugins and add-ons that with a few simple installation steps effortlessly extend the functionality of SuiteCRM and help you forge stronger relationships with your customers.


Our SugarCRM Plugins And Add-Ons Are:

RT GSync

Flawlessly sync Emails, Contacts, Calendar and Documents between SuiteCRM and GSuite.

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RT Salesmap

Instantly track and locate your SuiteCRM Accounts, Leads and Contacts in Google Maps.

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RT Telephony

Seamlessly integrate Twilio with SuiteCRM to make inbound/outbound calls, send messages and enjoy other advanced telephony features from within SuiteCRM.

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Conveniently manage human resources from inside your CRM by simplifying all HRM related activities such as recruitment management, performances evaluation and generating employee reports.

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Seamlessly integrate your WordPress website and SuiteCRM and leverage valuable visitor profile information to intelligently interact with them in real time from within SuiteCRM.

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RT Dynamic has a number of different SuiteCRM Plugins. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply drop us a message and we’ll put our Certified SuiteCRM developers to work on designing the perfect custom SuiteCRM plugin for your business.

SuiteCRM Plugins are ready made solutions that help you quickly increase the features and functionalites of your SuiteCRM platform. If you opt for a SuiteCRM Integration, it would be a time consuming process that cannot be easily replicated. However, a SuiteCRM Plugin is easy to install and can be installed on as many platforms as necessary. Simply download the package, install and off you go!

The most relevant plugin for such a business would be RT SalesMap, which can show the most optimal routes for the business to follow when making deliveries. This can increase the operational efficiency of the business. Apart from that, it also depends upon the business organization. For example, if the business has a large workforce, then RT HRM would also be suitable, and if the business operations require making several calls in a day, then the RT Telephony plugin would also be desirable.

The RT GSync plugin is priced at $9.99 per user per month. However, if you purchase a yearly subscription, then the price that you have to pay will be $99 per user per year. Want this plugin? Head over to the SuiteCRM store! You can get a 30-day free trial on this plugin.

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