SuiteCRM Customization

The current business landscape is in a constant state of flux. This poses unique challenges and opportunities for any and every business. To rise up to the occasion, you not only need a CRM that completely emulates your business processes but also one that can readily adapt to the ever diverse, complex and competitive business environment.


Module Customizations

The standard SuiteCRM comes with default modules like Accounts, Leads and Contacts. However, for it to truly reflect your business processes and fully comprehend your unique business entities, you need to have specific custom modules built into the platform.
We have expertise in crafting highly precise custom modules best suited to your business. Our SuiteCRM developers are well versed in building these modules keeping into consideration relationship between your business entities and workflows.

Have a module for every case!

Dashboard Customizations

Dashboard customizations matter because they are the first thing you see when you log into SuiteCRM. Thus, it is crucial that the dashboard be functional and offer you a complete overview of your pending tasks and activities so you are in complete control. Dashboards can be customized for each individual user as per their unique roles and requirements. A salesperson’s’ typical dashboard would show their leads, meetings and calls while a manager’s dashboard will conveniently summarize the activities of various departments under them.

Customize your dashboards today!

Field Customizations

The default fields in SuiteCRM are often insufficient for managing all your business operations. Sometimes you simply need more fields within a module to have your CRM properly map your processes. Moreover, with the right customizations a field doesn’t just have to be a column in a database table. They can be configured to do a whole lot more:

  • Auto population of several fields to cut down on manual entry.
  • Validation of information entered in the field.
  • Generation of additional related fields when data is entered into an existing field.

Get your SuiteCRM fields customized!

Workflow Customizations

Workflows let you automate several routine tasks and processes by simply breaking them down into simple instructions and defining relationships between these procedural events. This not only lets you optimize these processes but also helps save time and resources for other more important activities.
Although you can implement simple workflows in SuiteCRM yourself, we can take care of the more complex ones for you. RT Dynamic has developed a wide array of custom SuiteCRM workflows for various industry verticals, effectively automating their processes and streamlining their business.

Name a custom module that you would like us to build for you!

Theme Customization

One of the best things about SuiteCRM is that it can be made even more visually appealing and its design and layout can completely customized to perfectly reflect your business values. Moreover, the right SuiteCRM theme helps promote user adoption and productivity. We can help get rid of the monotonous user interface and login screens that your employees have come to dread.

Rejuvenate your SuiteCRM today with custom themes!

Other Customizations

If you thought that’s all you could do with SuiteCRM, think again! Here are some of our other popular SuiteCRM customizations:

  • Custom dashlet
  • Custom wizard
  • Custom roles and privileges
  • Time log widget
  • Custom reporting
  • Third party software integration
  • Email module customization
  • Calendar customization
  • Email/SMS campaign
  • Data Security customization

SuiteCRM is the best free CRM software in the market and comes with a number of features that make it a great competitor to large proprietary CRM i.e. Salesforce. As an open source CRM, SuiteCRM can easily be customized and integrated to suit business needs.

Our SuiteCRM developers can create custom workflows with logic hooks and incorporate them with your SuiteCRM modules to ensure that they work properly.

SuiteCRM Reports Module SuiteCRM Customized Dashboard SuiteCRM Customer Portal

SuiteCRM customization allows businesses to become more efficient by having their desired modules, fields and workflows in place. Furthermore, SuiteCRM customization is one of the stepping stones to reaping the benefits of having a CRM in place.

Since SuiteCRM is an open source software solution, there are virtually no limits with regards to its customization. SuiteCRM customization can range from changes in the themes and layouts to the addition/division of individual fields and modules and can even go up to changes in the architecture of the software. However, for such customization to take place, you will need the assistance of SuiteCRM developers, and RT Dynamic is your best bet in this regard.

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