SuiteCRM Theme Customization Services

Feel right at home as you navigate through SuiteCRM and customize the way it feels and functions by leveraging various custom SuiteCRM themes. Make your CRM stand out and escalate adoption with highly personalized themes that mirror your business branding and take you a level above your competition.


Why should you get a customized theme for SuiteCRM?

An out-of-the-box SuiteCRM is a beast in its own right, but it’s just not quite your beast. It looks like the same beast as your competitor, assuming they also have a SuiteCRM. This means that it might not work exactly the way you want it to (you can solve this with SuiteCRM Customization), but more importantly, the problem is that it does not fully embody your company’s values. It might even seem boring and monotonous in some cases, which can seriously affect user adoption. This is where SuiteCRM’s open-source architecture helps you make the changes you need.

Give your SuiteCRM a completely new look with customized colors, typography, elements, and so much more so that it reflects your business properly.

Our Vision

We at RT Dynamic understand the importance of branding and celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. Therefore, we aim to offer you and your employees a more personalized experience as you navigate through SuiteCRM. From your login page, dashlet, dashboard, list view, detail view, record view, our talented SuiteCRM developers can customize anything and everything, all the while ensuring that SuiteCRM perfectly reflects your business while enriching the user experience.

SuiteCRM Themes Portfolio

SuiteCRM theme is the name given to a specific combination of font styles, font colors, icons and layouts that you can see on your SuiteCRM instance. In other words, SuiteCRM theme is the name given to the visual appearance of your SuiteCRM instance.

A custom SuiteCRM theme lets you customize your overall SuiteCRM interface. From login screen to fonts, font colors, menu styles, and spacing; you can customize your SuiteCRM to reflect your business branding for a more immersive user experience.

Yes, based on roles and permissions you can decide the default layout and then allow users to set their preferred layout scheme.

Yes! You can get customized themes designed for different users and then rather than setting any one of them as the theme for the entire SuiteCRM instance, you can set up multiple as new style layouts and assign those style layouts to specific users. You can get custom themes designed by SuiteCRM experts such as RT Dynamic.

There are some options for custom SuiteCRM themes available on the SuiteCRM Store. You can also contact us to get a SuiteCRM theme tailor-made for yourself.

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