CRM for Trading & Distribution Industry

Most trading and distribution companies have complex business processes and never-ending challenges. Amid all the problems, your business can’t afford unhappy customers due to poor quality, delayed deliveries of products and high rates for services. With a number of stakeholders involved, it gets difficult to streamline all your business processes. But, don’t worry as we have a solution for you!

CRM for trading companies can prove to be a game-changer. Many companies are leveraging the CRM platform through customization and integrations to stay at the top of the trading and distribution industries. You can also gain a competitive advantage with CRM implementation because it is a simple and easy solution to all your business problems. Now, let’s explore how you can customize your CRM platform to supercharge growth in your business.

Top 5 Benefits of Distribution CRM

Custom Reports

Service Module

If you want to retain your customers, there’s nothing better than delivering exceptional service. A good strategy would be to automate the services with your Distribution CRM. A CRM for wholesale distributors lets you seamlessly manage your support ticket management system and keep track of all your service contracts and product warranties. Moreover, if your products are prone to expiration, you can set up expiry date alerts in your CRM software.

Presales Module

Another important feature of a Distribution CRM is the presales module. With huge networks and complex communication channels, the importance of keeping track of all consumer touchpoints is more than ever. Through the Presale module in CRM, traders, wholesalers, and distributors can manage their meetings and other relevant documents. Moreover, a CRM platform also allows you to do efficient contact management, so you never miss out on a sales opportunity. You can also leverage different Plugins such as RT Salesmap to optimize your sales processes. 

Sales Module

Driving sales in business is important for its sustainability, and CRM for trading companies helps streamline your sales process. Many traders and distributors often look for ways to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle for higher revenue. Hence, a Distribution CRM helps to streamline sales workflow, maintain price books, create quotations, and manage sales orders and invoicing.

CRM in the Pharmaceutical industry

Inventory Module

Managing inventory in the trading and distribution company is crucial in keeping the products safe, meeting customer demands and determining excess stock. CRM for trading companies helps to keep track of all your inventory from purchase to delivery. Moreover, you can leverage the inventory module in your Distribution CRM for efficient supply chain management, inventory management, and smooth workflows.

CRM graph showing customer data

Benefits of CRM in the Trading & Distribution Industry

With the rising competition in the trading and distribution industries, the need for a Distribution CRM is more than ever. We have outlined some of the ways in which CRM for distribution and trading companies can prove to be revolutionary. Read on to see how!

Custom Reports

Automated Warehouse Management

Is it getting difficult to manage inventory in the warehouse? Usually, it takes a lot of time to sort out products and keep track of the inventory moving in and out of the warehouse. A Distribution CRM lets you automate your warehouse management so you can leverage exclusive features such as barcode scanning, inventory record management, and stock allocation plans.

Nurture Customer Relationship for High Retention Rates

Customer service is the focal point of any business. It’s important for traders and distributors to build strong customer relationships and nurture the old ones. So, with a CRM for trading companies, you don’t have to worry about logging sales activities or bottlenecks in internal communication. These days, many companies in the trading and distribution sectors leverage SuiteCRM for streamlining their business processes. Moreover, to fully leverage the CRM platform, you can go for SuiteCRM customization and avail SuiteCRM support to transform your business.

Deliver Excellent Quality Products and Services

Being in the distribution or trading business means abiding by a lot of laws and regulations for quality maintenance. With CRM implementation, it gets easier to adhere to local or global regulations as you can keep a track of each step, produce test certificates and ensure quality compliance for the excellent end-user experience.

CRM in the Pharmaceutical industry

Global Shipments Made Easy and Fast

We understand that managing a trading and distribution business is not easy. There’s always a fleet or container on its way to your warehouse or being ready to be shipped to your customer. Moreover, it’s always a hassle to track shipments and follow the rules and regulations- even difficult if it’s a global shipment. Hence, you can leverage the CRM platform for business automation without spending time to ensure that the rules and regulations are followed in each shipment.

Smooth Inventory Management

Inventory management becomes difficult in a trading and distribution business. Often times, a small human error in the inventory management process results in drastic changes. This calls for a shift towards CRM and many companies have already seen a considerable increase in ROI with CRM implementation. Distribution CRM brings all the data regarding your inventory in a unified platform. Moreover, it gets easier with SuiteCRM as its intuitive user interface and robust features make it easy to determine trends and get actionable insights into the inventory stocked, and in transit.


That’s a Wrap!

CRM for trading companies can not just speed-up your business processes but also help you to boost business growth and create a scalable impact in the industry. Wouldn’t you want to stay ahead of your competitors by implementing Distribution CRM in your business?

Discover the power of Salesforce and SuiteCRM with RT Dynamic. Our comprehensive CRM services include customization, development, implementation, integration, and dedicated support. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation session!

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