SuiteASSURED is an all-inclusive version of the hugely popular SuiteCRM that comes with enterprise grade compatibility and features. It includes all the benefits of an open source CRM system with improved security and privacy features bundled together to meet the needs of large organizations that exist in compliance driven environments. A sweeping change to industry standard CRM platforms, SuiteASSURED provides competitive security and support guarantees with the flexibility of a good old fashioned open source CRM software.


SuiteASSURED: What’s it about?

An open source CRM software comes with a host of different benefits across the board but mellows out when it comes to security, privacy, and support. SuiteASSURED by SalesAgility is a robust SuiteCRM version with industry standard protocols, additional security features, and support; that make it a perfect fit for large enterprises. It combines the flexibility and innovation of open source with the security and stability of proprietary CRM platforms to give users the best of both. SuiteASSURED can be customized to meet business requirements, and integrated with third-party applications, just like SuiteCRM.

SuiteASSURED Features

Industry Standard Security

SuiteASSURED includes the top of the line security protocols and employs a rigorous security testing mechanism that protects the software against all forms of threats. Regular liability checks ensure that your SuiteASSURED is never prone to exposure. A dedicated support team provides Level 3 support to cater to all your security needs around the clock.

Copyright and Warranties

There’s always a threat of copyrights getting in the way when it comes to free, open source CRM systems. But with SuiteASSURED, you get indemnifications including infringing software replacement, software compliance modifications, and copyrights to use the software indefinitely.

SuiteASSURED Maintenance and Support

A built-in maintenance system that includes upgrades and maintenance bundles comes out of the box with SuiteASSURED, along with walkthroughs and tutorials for bug fixes. If you run into something you can’t fix, simply head over to a dedicated portal available exclusively for SuiteASSURED users.

SuiteASSURED vs SuiteCRM

With GDPR and Data Protection laws in full effect, the need for patent warranty, security, and source-code protection is greater than ever. SuiteASSURED ticks all the right marks in this category by improving and upgrading the SuiteCRM security protocols while retaining the agility of SuiteCRM. SuiteASSURED is still an open-source platform and is associated with the Open Invention Network (OIN). It shares a common code base with SuiteCRM, with added benefits that solve compliance related issues faced by large enterprises.

The relationship between SuiteAssured and SuiteCRM is mutually beneficial. SuiteCRM continues to be pivotal for development, and the resulting new features are scrutinized and tested rigorously before their implementation in SuiteASSURED.

SuiteASSURED Security

SuiteASSURED has a 360 degree security mechanism that defends your software against all forms of threats. The license is warranted by SalesAgility and every purchase of the software comes with a copyright warranty. In comparison to other open source CRM software, SuiteASSURED is tested for errors and issues with a quality warranty as well. Apart from numerous indemnifications, it is regularly tested for loopholes and lapses in security by an Internal Product Development Team and authorized third-party security platforms.

SuiteASSURED Support

A SuiteASSURED subscription includes L3 support. It cover support for all major issues and technical issues. A SuiteCRM development team is on hand to address any issues faced in the software. You can also opt for additional L1 and L2 support.

Level 1 Support: Help Desk, Basic Support
Level 2 Support:
Technical Support
Level 3 Support:
Major Problem, Code issues

SuiteASSURED has a dedicated Support panel and you can get in touch via email, telephone, and a dedicated portal.

SuiteASSURED Pricing

The pricing model for SuiteASSURED is pretty straightforward. Pricing varies based on the number of sites and number of users and is an annual renewable subscription. Follow the link for more information on SuiteASSURED Pricing.

Customization and Development

RT Dynamic provides CRM Customization and Development Services. As SuiteCRM Elite Partners, our developers are skilled in the SuiteCRM/SuiteASSURED framework and architecture. Simply get in touch if you want to tailor your SuiteASSURED platform to your exact business needs with custom workflows, custom themes, and custom modules. Besides integrations with numerous third-party platforms, RT Dynamic also has multiple SuiteCRM Plugins that can be replicated on the SuiteASSURED platform.

How to Get SuiteASSURED

RT Dynamic is SuiteCRM Elite Partner and specializes in SuiteCRM development, Implementation, Customization, Integration, Migration, and Support. Our developers have complete command of the SuiteCRM framework and have rendered their services to numerous clients across the world in creating tailor made solutions that align with their business needs and processes.

Get in touch for a detailed process analysis for your SuiteASSURED subscription now!

SuiteASSURED provides a range of different benefits in terms of security and privacy. For a small business the features of SuiteASSURED can be a little steap. You can opt for a SuiteCRM and upgrade to SuiteASSURED when you scale your business.

We at RT Dynamic provide SuiteCRM Migration services. Simply get in touch and we’ll migrate your data, customization, and integrations from SuiteCRM to SuiteASSURED.

With all the features that it offers, we wouldn’t hesitate in considering SuiteASSURED as THE best CRM software in the market. What makes it so is the fact that it combines the best of both worlds, i.e. the flexibility of open source combined with the warranties, guarantees and indemnities which are usually associated with proprietary software. Furthermore, it acts as a more stable version of SuiteCRM due to the lack of experimental code and the constant release of bug fixes.

The most difficult task would be the migration of data while keeping its integrity intact. SuiteASSURED does have one basic import tool which can assist you in data migration from SuiteCRM to SuiteASSURED, without requiring the knowledge of coding. However, this is a slow method where only one individual module can be imported from SuiteCRM at a time. On the other hand, getting SuiteCRM migration services from experts like RT Dynamic is meant to make the migration process easier, where any data duplication will also be eliminated in the process. Another ease when switching to SuiteASSURED is that the UI/UX will remain the same as that of your previous CRM instance, reducing your need for learning the dynamics of a new software solution.

SuiteASSURED, just like SuiteCRM, is an open source CRM, hence capable of being integrated with a multitude of applications. One of the integration options for SuiteASSURED include Social Media, which can add a social element to the CRM, the very social element which distinguishes Social CRM from other types of CRM. Get in touch with us to know more on how you can turn SuiteASSURED into a Social CRM.

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