Odoo Migration Solutions

Whenever a company is moving to a new CRM technology, they naturally want to migrate all the previous data seamlessly. However, migration is not simply a transference of data to a new system. It requires mapping the older fields and relationships onto the technology. It is a challenging and time-consuming task — one that requires a lot of careful planning ahead of time. If not done properly, it can lead to the loss of data or important functionalities at a later stage. Things are further complicated if you are planning to move to an instance that will be used by several different users. Our team of Odoo experts is fully prepared to execute the migration on the new system you have acquired. We ensure that the migration is successful by running comprehensive tests.


Odoo Data Migration Services

When you are moving from a different technology, we ensure that your business processes are not halted while we complete the migration. Some of the popular migration services we have provided are: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Odoo Migration
  • Sugar to Odoo migration
  • SuiteCRM to Odoo migration
  • Act to Odoo migration
  • Siebel to Odoo migration
  • Vtiger to Odoo migration
  • Zoho to Odoo migration
  • NetSuite to Odoo migration
  • Salesforce to Odoo migration

Our Migration Process

We make use of the most trustworthy and effective ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) technologies when performing the migration. The safety of your data is our prime concern. Our process of data mapping is geared towards maintaining the integrity of your data. Your team will be able to access and view the data the way it did before. 
Our Odoo migration process follows this route: 

  • Data Cleaning: We provide data cleaning services whenever requested to ensure that only the most relevant data is migrated to your new system. 
  • Field mapping: Through this process, we ensure that the fields in your new system are perfectly aligned with the ones in the previous setup. 
  • Relationship mapping: Just like the fields, we also replicate relationships in your new system. 
  • Deduplication: We ensure that none of the fields, lists, or data is duplicated in the new setup. This increases the agility and performance of your CRM. 
  • Seamless Migration: The actual migration is done using the latest ETL tools.
  • Data security: Our team complies strictly with international standards and is keen on protecting your data and security. 
  • Data integrity: Data integrity, its accuracy and consistency is our top priority.

Why RT Dynamic?

We at RT Dynamic have consistently delivered optimal and comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our extensive experience in the industry gives us a unique vantage point, and we are familiar with any challenges that might crop up along the way. Our stellar performance has gained us widespread respect and trust.

Our Odoo experts appreciate the complexity of data they have to handle during the migration. We also understand the potential and limitations of Odoo and can assist you in formulating the best migration pathways and processes. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and extensive customer experience has equipped us with the right skills to provide holistic, agile, and quick solutions for you. Get in touch with us for the best answers to all your OdooCRM needs.

Import and export of data in SuiteCRM depends upon a number of factors. Your current SuiteCRM version and the one you want to upgrade to, as well as the status of your customization (are they upgrade safe?) help us understand your current condition. Depending on your situation, our SuiteCRM developers design a migration/upgrade process that safeguards your current customization and integrations and helps you make the transition seamlessly.

Yes, SuiteCRM serves as an excellent Salesforce alternative open source CRM and can give you the features and functionalites you need in a cost effective manner. RT Dynamic is a Certified SuiteCRM Partner and our SuiteCRM developers have extensive experience in SuiteCRM Migration. Get in touch and we’ll help you migrate from Salesforce to SuiteCRM.

It is possible to migrate to SuiteCRM while keeping all of your previous settings. You just need the assistance of SuiteCRM migration experts to do the task for you. RT Dynamic has the expertise to deliver migration services without causing any changes in the CRM settings.

Maintenance of data integrity is vital during SuiteCRM data migration. Therefore, in order to keep the integrity of your data intact during the migration process, you should let Official SuiteCRM Partners such as RT Dynamic do the job for you.

Some of the most common issues faced when migrating data to SuiteCRM are listed below:

  • Error(s) in data mapping
  • Data formats not correct
  • Incorrect Functions
  • Data Duplication
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