SuiteCRM Customization and Development Services

SuiteCRM is a full-featured, free and open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Since its initial release in 2013, it has evolved into the world’s leading open-source CRM system and is being widely used in multiple industry verticals including Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Real Estate.

SuiteCRM Customization Services

Each business faces a unique set of challenges. To fit your business needs and stay ahead of the curve, you should leverage SuiteCRM customization. This will make your CRM platform fully adaptable to the dynamic and highly competitive business landscape. 

Different types of SuiteCRM customizations that you can leverage include:

SuiteCRM Custom Modules

To fully leverage SuiteCRM, you should have SuiteCRM custom modules that mirror your business processes. These unique business entities will help you to streamline your business process by putting the right information where you need it most. Get customized SuiteCRM Modules tailor-made for your business industry.

SuiteCRM Dashboards 

Dashboards in SuiteCRM provide a complete view of all your tasks and activities. With Dashboard customization in SuiteCRM, each individual user can have a customized view of their unique roles and requirements. 

SuiteCRM Workflows

Automate your routine tasks and simplify business processes by breaking them down into simple instructions to save time and resources. SuiteCRM Workflows can be implemented by the user. However, for the complex ones, RT Dynamic has got you covered with CRM workflows for various industry verticals. 

SuiteCRM Integration Services

Integrate SuiteCRM with third-party applications to enhance the functionalities of your CRM, combine data from multiple platforms and perform business functions through a unified platform. 

The following are some of the types of SuiteCRM integrations that you can also leverage in your business:

SuiteCRM Customized Plugins

Extend the functionality of SuiteCRM with our robust and dynamic SuiteCRM plugins. With a few simple installation steps, you will see an improved user experience and better results with your SuiteCRM.

RT GSync: Seamlessly synchronize emails, contacts, calendars, and documents between SuiteCRM and GSuite.
RT Salesmap: SuiteCRM integration with Google Maps to track and locate your SuiteCRM accounts, leads, and contacts.
RT Telephony: Integrate Twilio with SuiteCRM to easily make inbound/outbound calls, send messages, and leverage other advanced features of telephony from inside your SuiteCRM.
RT CXM: Allowing WordPress and SuiteCRM integration, RT CXM allows you to leverage visitor profile information and interact with them in real time from your SuiteCRM.
Dynamic Boards: Optimize data in your CRM with the power of Kanban view and streamline all your tasks and activities.

SuiteCRM Support Services

Avail our dedicated SuiteCRM Support services and leverage the expertise of our team to get a quick solution. Our CRM support plan offers different CRM services as per our client’s business needs. We offer CRM customer service and support through:

  • Telephone Support Services
  • Chat Support Services
  • Email Support Services
  • Expert Consultancy Services
  • Tailored Analysis Services
  • SuiteCRM Training Services
  • SuiteCRM Demo Services
  • SuiteCRM Upgrade Services


With direct access to our development team, RT Dynamic ensures that your CRM software is free of any bugs while the latest updates, new features, and security patches are implemented.

SuiteCRM Data Migration Services

The SuiteCRM Data Migration is an intricate process and involves a few steps to seamlessly migrate data from one system to another. We, at RT Dynamic, ensure that the data migration process is seamless and secure. 

Best Practices of SuiteCRM Data Migration

Some of the important elements of our data migration process include:

Field Mapping: Data is diligently relayed to the identical fields in the new CRM for smooth functioning.
Relationship Mapping: Relationships of fields with other objects are also replicated.
Seamless Migration: Highly effective Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools are leveraged to ensure hassle-free data migration to SuiteCRM.
Deduplication: Eliminates the risk of duplicating data during the SuiteCRM migration process.
Data Security: Keeping your data secure is our top priority. RT Dynamic ensures that all international data security standards are met.
Data Integrity: After ensuring data integrity during the SuiteCRM migration process, we deploy the new CRM to the users with the help of our SuiteCRM Certified Developers. 

SuiteCRM Migration from SugarCRM

Being an open-source platform, SuiteCRM provides endless opportunities for transforming your business. RT Dynamic ensures seamless SuiteCRM data migration from SugarCRM, so you can deliver excellent customer experiences by staying on a budget and bringing all your business software on a unified platform through SuiteCRM integrations.

SuiteCRM Certified Developers

RT Dynamic has seen unparalleled success over the last few years and is laser-focused on providing the best customer service and technical expertise. This has only been possible with the endless efforts of our highly competent SuiteCRM Certified Developers who go the extra mile to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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