Convert your SuiteCRM into a Social CRM with these Integrations


Businesses today have a myriad of organizational needs that need immediate attention. These needs keep on multiplying at a fast pace. On top of that social media is proliferating at an unprecedented pace. It is natural for companies to want to stay on top of socials. How can they accomplish these two seemingly Herculean tasks? Well, the answer is easy; through a Social CRM. 

Let’s look at how you can convert your regular SuiteCRM into a Social CRM. 

What is Social CRM?  

Social CRMs utilize the technology, services, and techniques of social media platforms to foster better relationships with clients. The end goal again is to deliver exceptional customer service. While traditional CRMs gather and manage the static data of customers, SocialCRMs deal with constantly evolving customer data. It actively analyzes every social touchpoint and gives important insights. The ability to navigate a myriad of social media platforms from within your CRM is another benefit of using a Social CRM. Most would not tell you the benefits of Social CRM. These include higher networking capability, an enhanced synergy between departments, and the ability to understand both the mindset of the customers and the future. 

Top Integrations for SuiteCRM


As one of the most popular social media platforms, WhatsApp comes with a variety of benefits. Integrating it with your SuiteCRM will seamlessly link your WhatsApp interactions into your CRM. You can assign the queries to the relevant departments to deliver seamless customer service. Similarly, the integration will support bi-directional syncing and allow you to place pre-defined templates within your CRM to respond to customers on WhatsApp. Similarly, you would be able to track, record, and manage your WhatsApp records from within the CRM. 


Twitter is where unfiltered opinions abound. This is the place where you can gauge the exact nature of customer sentiment about your product or service. Since most of the interactions of twitter exist in the public domain, you can use this platform to get a real sense of consumer sentiment. After the integration, you can immediately respond to queries and concerns from within your CRM. Thus, projecting a strong and friendly brand image. 


LinkedIn is one of the top 5 integrations with SuiteCRM. This is because LinkedIn is a widely used professional networking site. It can be used by your HR to not only network with potential clients but also market your products to relevant vendors. You will also be able to push out impactful marketing campaigns from your SuiteCRM. It is easy to pull data from LinkedIn to utilize it for important decision-making. 


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The presence of Facebook API has made the integration with SuiteCRM a breeze for Suite users. You can accomplish a lot through this integration. First of all, you would be able to build dedicated client profiles. You would also be able to streamline and monitor your activity on Facebook from within your CRM. Most importantly, Facebook and Suite integration can be leveraged to generate more leads. 

Benefits of Social CRM 

Quicker and Smoother Interaction with Clients 

Social CRM will streamline your interactions with clients. All social media interactions would be visible within your CRM. You can respond to queries immediately or allocate them to relevant departments with just a few clicks. You will be able to expand your networking and respond to customers in a personalized manner. The result? You will have happier, more satisfied clients.  

Read the Mind of Your Customer Base 

Dashboards within your SuiteCRM will give you immediate insights into what is going on in the mind of your clients. Similarly, Business Intelligence in Suite will give reliable forecasts about customer preferences based on the history of your interactions with them. You will know your customer’s thoughts and motivations like the back of your hand. 

Draw More Customers 

Digital marketing is what sets companies apart. Your keyword-optimized interactions will give you an unparalleled opportunity to interact with new customers. You will not only be able to start new conversations but also engage people that were not previously familiar with your company. These strategies will enable you to draw more customers to your brand. 

Stronger Social Media Presence & Better branding 

By making your customers feel heard, you would have established an unbreakable bond of trust with them. You would project an image of a more responsible brand. This will boost customer retention. Having a strong social media presence will give you more control over how your brand is perceived. The man-power required to curate your social media presence would be considerably reduced by the SocialCRM since you would be able to manage all accounts from a unified platform. 

That’s A Wrap 

Social CRM is without a doubt a necessary tool for any successful business today. Are you interested in exploring this option? Reach out to us at RT Dynamic. We are SuiteCRM experts and would be happy to convert your Suite to a Social CRM. You can also leverage our services for other SuiteCRM needs such as implementation, customization, integration among others.

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