Why Integrate WhatsApp with CRM


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. According to Statista, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries. Now, this is a big number and businesses are leveraging WhatsApp as a medium to increase customer engagement and drastically improve their customer service.

WhatsApp allows businesses to instantly engage leads, create meaningful customer relationships and streamline communication. However, as your business grows it will get difficult to manage all your WhatsApp accounts, keep track of communication and leverage it to gain a competitive advantage.

At this crucial phase, WhatsApp integration with CRM will save you from a lot of hassle, boost team productivity and help streamline communication with different stakeholders.

So, are you ready to have a look at how integrating CRM with WhatsApp can revolutionize your business? Let’s begin!

Get WhatsApp Notifications in CRM 

Streamline your workflows with WhatsApp and CRM integration to get all your WhatsApp notifications right in your CRM. In this day and age, businesses are always trying to optimize their time management, so switching multiple software is quite counterproductive. Moreover, by integrating WhatsApp with SuiteCRM, you can easily change the status of leads and cases based on your communication with the prospects on WhatsApp and leverage CRM for workflow management.

Predefined Templates For WhatsApp Messages

With CRM and WhatsApp integration, you can get more done in less time by leveraging pre-defined templates. Simply create sales message templates and save them in your SuiteCRM to send them to leads at different stages of the sales funnel, with just a click. Moreover, you can provide a quick response to all customer queries through WhatsApp by using the pre-designed templates in your CRM.  

Use All CRM Modules to Send Messages

Being flexible with a highly user-intuitive interface, SuiteCRM makes it a breeze to send WhatsApp messages from all CRM modules. All you need is CRM integration with WhatsApp as this will allow you to WhatsApp everyone in your customer database. Additionally, you can also customize SuiteCRM to fit your business needs and completely revamp it according to your business functions. 

Bi-Directional Data Sync

With WhatsApp and CRM integration, users can utilize bi-directional synchronization of contacts and easy access to data. Now, you don’t need to separately add the leads you contacted over WhatsApp calls or chats in your CRM. All your contacts will be automatically updated in CRM and your WhatsApp. 

Register and Maintain WhatsApp Records

To fully leverage WhatsApp business integration with CRM, you can customize SuiteCRM to create a call module and maintain all your WhatsApp records. This will allows users to make and receive calls to their WhatsApp contacts right from the CRM, ensuring seamless communication with the clients. 

Track Communication Through CRM Reporting 

Usually, it gets difficult to keep track of your communication with leads and clients over WhatsApp. By integrating CRM with WhatsApp, users can leverage robust reporting and dashboards in SuiteCRM to get a complete view of all their business communication, keep count of customer inquires, customer service case opens and resolved customer cases to deliver the best customer experience. 

Effective Sales Follow up

CRM integration with WhatsApp helps nurture leads by seamlessly sending product information, brochures, images, and videos to your contact database on the go from your mobile phone. 

Follow up with leads in an efficient manner with automated WhatsApp messages, right from your CRM. For example, after lead generation, you can nurture the lead by sending relevant product photos and keeping track of all communication in your SuiteCRM. 

Get Instant Feedback From Customers

Provide seamless experience to clients and transform your customer service with SuiteCRM and WhatsApp integration. It allows you to get instant feedback from customers by fetching the database from Sugar and sending out links with feedback on their WhatsApp numbers. 

Centralized WhatsApp Lines

With different team members using their personal WhatsApp accounts to engage customers and respond to their queries, it gets difficult to keep track of their performance. By integrating WhatsApp with CRM, you can provide all your team members a centralized WhatsApp line. This will keep all the team members on the same page and ensure that they are updated with different customer issues and are providing the best solutions in optimal time. Moreover, this will centralize all business communication and drive efficiency in your client operations. 

All Set to Level-Up Your Business with CRM and WhatsApp Integration?

With the rising competition and increasing customer demands for personalized experiences, CRM and WhatsApp integration is your best bet. This will help streamline communication with clients, instantly respond to all customer queries, get customer feedback, nurture leads and play a key role in making customers for life. 

RT Dynamic is an Official SuiteCRM Partner firm. From SuiteCRM Migration, Customization, Integration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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