SuiteCRM 8: An Exciting New Solution by Suite


Suite is widely regarded as a transformative CRM solution for start-ups and small businesses. This is because SuiteCRM is both open-source and free. Thus, the cost of deploying Suite is minimal. Since Suite is an open-source CRM, it is highly customizable and can be integrated with a wide range of third-party solutions. This means that you can tailor it to the specific needs of your company. 

The strength of any CRM lies in its ability to innovate and evolve along with technological advancements. Suite is keeping up with the expectations of its users by doing exactly that! The new SuiteCRM 8 is a much more agile and comprehensive solution when compared to its predecessors. Let’s look at what SuiteCRM 8 has in store for us. 

What is New in Suite CRM 8?

Agile User Interface 

This is perhaps going to be the first change you will notice. Suite is looking for a more logical and agile front-end experience. The existing JQuery, YUI, HTML, Smarty, Xtemplate will be replaced with a more user-friendly and leaner implementation. The aim is to isolate app logic from the UI. Suit is using Angular 8 and TypeScript during the preparation phase but will move to an LTS version. 

Centralized View 

The layout changes in SuiteCRM 8 are accompanied by a few structural changes so you can enjoy a comprehensive overview of your data. The centralized view will give you a 360-degree vision of your clients and business processes. This change will optimize your decision-making and save your time. It will also give you the opportunity to initiate advanced workflows in Suite.

Leaner and Robust Technological Core 

The technological core of Suite 8 has been modified in a way that the code base is more manageable now. The new framework is supported by PHP Symfony. A thing to keep in mind: the initial release would not have this technological core. The core will be slowly built into each new iteration of Suite 8. 

Smooth Backwards Compatibility

The goal is to provide smooth backward compatibility for users who wish to move to Suite 8. The compatibility mode introduced by Suite will allow you to select modules from your Suite 7 that you wish to render in the new Suite. This makes things very easy for Suite users looking to shift to the new version. 

Extremely Extendable Extensions 

This time around Suite is aiming for a highly extendable solution. The purpose is to lay down the foundation of an extendable framework that is built upon by a community of Suite users. The extensions will lead to a more stable and adaptable system. This will enable Suite and its users to unleash the true potential promised by an open-source CRM as they can leverage Suite integrations with a gazillion third-party applications. You can also add a variety of plugins to Suite

Why SuiteCRM 8? 

Suite 8 is an exciting opportunity for users that want a CRM that is compatible with their unique needs. Now, let’s talk about the reasons that make Suite 8 an optimal solution for businesses. 

Greater User Control 

Greater user is one of the essences of Suite’s vision. Since Suite will also be open-source, users will have 100% access to its code. This means that you can easily tailor it to your needs. It is also great for third-party integrations. 

Suite’s server has been designed to provide an easy, self-serving, and intuitive solution. Users do not need a lot of technical knowledge or expertise to implement or adopt it. 

Wholesome and Engaging Ecosystem 

The purpose of Suite 8 is to strengthen the culture of innovation and collaboration in the existing ecosystem. Developers from around the world can add new ideas to Suite 8 and take it in unexpected directions. In fact you can get Suite support whenever you want. 

Higher Scalability 

The extendable nature of Suite 8 means that it is a robust and highly scalable option. This is great news for businesses that have their eye on growth. 

Timeline of Release

  1. Alpha Preview I Release: June 2020 
  2. Alpha Preview II Release: July 2020 
  3. Alpha Preview III Release: October 2020 
  4. Beta Releases: Quarter 4 

Our Two Bits! 

Suite 8 comes with a variety of exciting new features. Suite is an ideal option for small businesses that do not want to start with a big CRM. It is a great data and order management tool. Most importantly you can get a high level of data security in Suite. You can add several customizations and integrations to Suite. If you are interested in migrating to Suite 8 or wish to implement it, book a consultation with us. Our team of Suite experts would be more than happy to guide you through the process. 

RT Dynamic, an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, and Support.  Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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