What no one tells you about Social CRM


Social media is quickly becoming a world of its own with more than 2 billion people regularly using it, that number is only going to increase. It seems as if social awkwardness does not transcend online boundaries with more and more people, who would otherwise be reserved, actively use social media. Amidst this huge chunk of people, there is a window of opportunity for businesses to mine data and what better than a CRM with an integration of social media; a Social CRM so to speak!

Businesses thrive on data about their consumers to tailor offers, deals and giveaways. Back in the days this was a difficult task but social media has given data to business in a silver platter. A CRM is the perfect choice to make the most of this data.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with a Social CRM to get that elusive edge over your competitors.

Increase Networking Capabilities

People post everything on social media. From life changing events all the way down to where they hung out last night, it’s all there. With the help of a Social CRM, you can get all the insights you need about your customers behavior. This can be instrumental in analysing your target market’s behavior patterns, choices, desires and increase marketing efficiency.  You can consequently tailor your campaigns, offers accordingly and make the most of your marketing budget. Increased productivity and shrewd spending are just some of the benefits associated with a Social CRM.

Interdepartmental Harmony

Closing a deal is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there’s a lot of effort that goes into getting there with a lot of variables in play. That’s a great metaphor to describe how a prospect is converted into a lead and then into a customer with the help of numerous departments in play. The key to this smooth process is communication. With the help of a Social CRM, every relevant department will have access to the required information, ensuring that everyone is on page and acts according to the needs of the customer.

See the Future!

Data mining is a vast field with an unprecedented potential. The highlight of which is how it can help you anticipate and prepare for your customers impending behavior so that you’re well placed to handle it head-on. Track your customer’s behavior and needs by analyzing their social media habits. You can also do an extensive market research to identify where the trends are going and consequently develop products relevant to the future of your industry.

Be a step ahead of your customer

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your customer needs even before they realise it. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but we’re not quite there yet. However, with a Social CRM, you can give your customer support team the data they need to properly handle that furious customer who isn’t satisfied with your service. Analyze the customer’s behavior through the CRM and based on his likes and dislikes, tailor a perfect giveaway or offer to keep him happy.

Meat and Potatoes!

Social CRM can really make or break your business. It’s impact cannot be understated, and it sits as the perfect alternative for SMBs which cannot spend chunks of their budget on marketing their product. Make the most of Social CRM and spend on the right customers.

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