RT HRM – Complete HRM solution for SuiteCRM


(Updated on June 2021) 

[RT HRM is a plugin that can empower your Human Resource Managers. Its update allows you to post jobs on social media, schedule interviews, manage employees, and conduct performance evaluations. It can be used alongside your CRM system for complete optimization of Human Resource Management tasks.] 

What is HRM?

Human Resource Management is an organizational function that focuses on the recruitment, management, and guidance of individuals within an organization. Specifically, it pertains to issues related to compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, motivation, and training among others.

Importance of HRM

The role of HR management is integral to the success of any company. Generally, HRM is committed to providing a pleasant and thriving work environment to all employees in order for them to achieve performance excellence with regards to their individual roles and functions inside the organization. Cumulatively, Human Resources can contribute greatly to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives.

SuiteCRM Employee Module for HRM?

SuiteCRM’s Employee module lets you see a list of all your employees including their contact information, their employment status and the chain of command but that’s about it. Thus, companies often find it cumbersome to use SuiteCRM as a complete HRM solution as it only offers basic HRM functionality and that too at the expense of granting admin rights to HR which may not always be a viable option. Hence, they have to resort to SuiteCRM integration with third-party apps to overcome this.

Introducing RT HRM

RT HRM Complete HRM solution for SuiteCRMRT HRM is the most convenient way of managing your human resources from inside your CRM. This plug and play solution from RT Dynamic greatly simplifies all HRM related activities such as recruitment management, performances evaluation and generating employee reports.

RT HRM Features

1. Recruitment Management

RT HRM lets you automate the entire hiring process. You can create and publish job openings, review job applications and shortlist the most qualified candidates from within your SuiteCRM.

2. Employee Management

You can optimize all your employee management processes such as Payroll management, staff attendance, on-boarding, and reporting.

3. Performance Monitoring

With a complete 360 degree view of your employees, you can track, evaluate and manage employee progress, performance and productivity against your organizational goals.

4. Organizational Charts

This lets you view your complete company hierarchy and provides you with an interactive way of accessing individual employee record views and active projects. The organizational chart will be automatically updated as people join or leave the organization.

The Bottom Line!

RT HRM is a great way of bridging the gap between your human resource management and SuiteCRM. With essential HRM features like employee management and performance evaluation, RT HRM is your gateway to satisfied and productive employees.Get in touch to learn more about RT HRM and other SuiteCRM plugins by RT Dynamic.

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