RT Telephony: Complete Telephony Integration with SuiteCRM


Communication sits as the foothold when it comes to accessing a business and its success. Dealing with clients, providing support, and generating sales; each of this highly crucial processes rely extensively on communication, so it’s only logical to assume a business should have one from the get go. But surprisingly, that’s not the case. CRM platforms don’t come with telephony functionalities and features out of the box. But nothing to worry about, because we’ve got the perfect solution for all your communication needs in RT Telephony.

SuiteCRM Telephony Solution

RT Telephony lets you bring all the telephony features you need right inside your SuiteCRM to improve your business productivity and efficiency. Features such as Click to call, SMS conversations, and more are the hallmarks of RT Telephony. Let’s break these down:

Call Features in RT Telephony

Starting with the obvious, RT Telephony lets you manage everything related to your calls in SuiteCRM. A popup opens up whenever an inbound call is made, RT Telephony automatically identifies available SuiteCRM users and directs the call to one. The pop up opens on that particular SuiteCRM users screen with all information pertaining to that customer displayed. If the call information is unavailable, the SuiteCRM user can choose to add it or label it. Details of the call and call recording are also stored inside SuiteCRM after the completion of the call for future reference.

SuiteCRM Telephony

You can also initiate a call through RT Telephony anywhere inside SuiteCRM. Let’s say you’re in either of the Leads, Contacts, or Accounts module; each contact will have a “Phone icon” next to it, simply clicking on it will initiate the call and the SuiteCRM user will have the option to select the prefered mode of communication.

SMS Features in RT Telephony

Calls aren’t the only thing you get when it comes to RT Telephony. We understand that it’s not always the case that you contact someone and they respond. More often that not you’re simply going to have to leave a message, well RT Telephony has got you covered on that front as well with inbound and outbound SMS. Simply leave a message from within the Pop up window and be on your way. Alternatively you can also schedule certain SMS to go out at a predetermined time.

SuiteCRM Telephony

Voice Response System

RT Telephony comes with an inbuilt Voice Response System that can help automate certain tasks and ensure that the call is answered by the right person. The Interactive Voice Response is a perfect fit for large organizations with numerous departments. The Voice Response System comes with the option to create phone directories that help the user reach the desired department. The process is pretty simple, the Voice Response System tells you to respond with certain digits that take you to the desired extension. A really time saving feature that automates redundant tasks and help you improve your customer experience.

RT Telephony Feature List

  • Popup screen and notifications
  • Click to Call
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Voice Response System
  • SMS Scheduling and Conversations
  • Call Forwarding and Recording

Over to You!

RT Telephony comes with all the necessary features to streamline your client communication needs and requirements. We’ve also found a way to provide you with this solution even if you’re SuiteCRM hosting is on-demand, just to make sure everyone can get a piece of this amazing pie. You can get RT Telephony on the Suite Store by following this link.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a SuiteCRM Customization, Integration, or Support. RT Dynamic is a SuiteCRM Official Partner.

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