All The Features Of Odoo 13 You Need To Know


The new Odoo 13 release came out in late 2019 and with its latest features, it has become one of the most successful business management platforms out there. The update is well equipped to handle the needs of all types of clients, be they large corporations or small businesses. Every single application of Odoo is fit to serve the needs of its users and the very diverse needs of their business.

With every update, Odoo CRM brings about several changes to its platform. The Odoo 13 version too, includes several major changes ranging from a better accounting module to a more efficient Field Sevice Management solution. The end result is a comprehensive platform that provides its users with the best possible tools needed to manage a successful business operation and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

To observe exactly what changes have been brought bout, let’s dive in to see the new features Odoo 13 incorporates!

Efficient Accounting

The Accounting application underwent a major change in Odoo 13. Better usability allows for the availability of Chatter on journal and journal entry and includes improved form, list views, and dashboards. Reconciliation is also made more convenient by allowing both a receivable and a payable payment to be reconciled. These reconciled entries can be found easily via the search button.

Other improvements include asset management through accounts, a check on IBAN numbers and their legitimacy, and the ability to create mass invoices. All these features allow users to manage their finances with ease and flexibility. Apart from that, easy configuration of Taxcloud and the choice of security level by journal for accounting entries are only a few of the several other improvements made.

Better Views

Users can easily use the drag-and-drop feature in the Gantt view and create new records with a single click. These records can be easily manipulated within the view and can be resized and rescheduled. The activity view, too, has more features that enable easy scheduling of events. In the calendar view, users can mark their acceptance or decline an invitation to an event directly from the pop-up. The event sequence can also be edited conveniently via the Kanban view. 

Robust Field Service Management

The Odoo Field Management solution enables users to smartly plan appointments, encourage sales, create custom reports, and issue invoices to customers anywhere. The availability of the map view is a convenient way to keep track of the upcoming appointments and the route that needs to be taken to get there. 

Odoo 13 allows users to plan their intervention on the Gantt view and organize the intervention based on projects. Products can directly be selected from the intervention and invoiced afterward. 

Easy Rentals

Odoo 13 also offers vendors the ability to rent to customers. The rental application is specifically made for this purpose. Users can create a rental order, invoice it, plan its delivery schedule and return, all through the app. The products can also be tracked to see if any of them make enough revenue.

With the Sign-app integration, renters can sign off on the rented objects on the spot. The rental scheduling can also be seen and managed in the Gantt view. There is also a unified widget available which sets the start and end rental dates.

Improvements In Marketing

The Marketing tools available to Odoo have always been helpful. Odoo 13 takes this one step further and presents a complete solution with tools for marketing automation, SMS marketing, Email marketing, SEO as well as content on blogs and websites. SMS marketing is further innovated with the ability to track SMS during their journey and reach anyone, anywhere.

Social marketing, on the other hand, helps users engage with the community and get an idea about the perception of the user in general. Company reviews and customer feedback can be kept track of this way. Not only that, customers or potential leads are also engaged since social media apps like Twitter and Facebook can be integrated into Odoo Social.

Recruit With Convenience

With the help of the referral app, recruitments can be made easy and employers can find just the right fit for their teams via Odoo 13. Employees can be offered a superhero game to build a team and engage in the recruitment process in order to earn points. The recruitment app, which is integrated, automatically allocates these points to the employees. The application is mobile friendly and can be used to share job openings on social media.

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