Integrating Suite CRM With Slack: All You Need To Know


The need to combine CRM platforms with Slack is taking over much of the CRM Integration discourse. There is a growing trend to keep teams in touch with each other in the backdrop of the ever-growing interconnectivity and interdependence of the globalized world. With employers in constant communication with each other, a company can expect a more streamlined business operation and thereby, improve its customer service relations.

Slack is one of the most popular means of joint communication between teams at work. Especially for remote working teams or teams that are dispersed across the world, this real-time messaging platform makes it possible to keep up with the communication.

Suite CRM is a fully-featured CRM platform that is open-source. This makes integration of the Suite CRM with Slack possible and can lead a Suite CRM user to better communicate with their team and keep all the employees on the same page.

So what exactly does the Suite CRM and Slack Integration hold in store for us? Let’s dive in!

How Does The Integration Work?

Leveraging the open-source nature of Suite CRM, users can get in touch with certified partners of Suite CRM and request for integration with Slack. The integration is implemented through the workflow process and any update on any record within a module would be reported to Slack. 

The process begins by enabling Slack integration in the Suite CRM from the admin tab and generating a Slack access token in the User Profile. After testing for the authentication, a workflow is created for the Case Module to send a Slack message once the new module is created. The users can then open the case module to create a new case and send a slack notification.

Why Integrate?

The benefits that users reap from integrating Suite CRM with Slack are enormous. The ultimate benefit that users can get is the overall increase in the cooperation and productivity of employees which leads to better business outcomes and thus, better customer experience.

Boost Productivity

With the use of a communication channel such as Slack, users can hope to achieve more inter-personal communication between company employees. In contrast, a team that communicates rarely, or simply at the start and end of deliverables is likely to run into more hiccups and result in a delayed performance. With greater communication among company employees, the business output is more streamlined and little room is left for error. This allows the overall efficiency of the company to increase. 

Keep The Communication Channel Open

Employees across the board face similar issues with work capacity and task management. Any inefficiency on any one employee’s part can set off an entire chain of events that could have disastrous outcomes. Should the channel of communication be kept open amongst the employees, both horizontally and vertically, any lags or inefficiencies could be spotted from a mile away and mitigated or anticipated. The communication also helps ease any possible tensions that the lags could cause, and thereby reduce tensions.

Allow Selective User Access

Slack can be used to filter out content that is needed to be kept on a certain clearance level within an organization. Different users of the Suite CRM platform would only be able to access certain channels of communication, for example, communication with users outside the organization, such as the partners, suppliers, and customers are not privy to the internal discussions within the company’s employees.

Better Data Handling

With the integration between Slack and Suite CRM, data can be shared between co-workers on either platform. This prevents the need for users to access a particular platform to share data. Rather, the information is shared from any end, whichever is more convenient to the sender. The additional flexibility that this lends is all the difference between an efficient and inefficient organization.

Mobilize Communication

One huge benefit of Slack integrating with Suite CRM is the availability of both platforms as mobile applications. Slack is a multi-device platform which can be accessed from anywhere. Suite CRM can also be made remotely accessible by leveraging the expertise of a certified partner such as RT Dynamic. This mutual combination allows users to access data from anywhere and communicate remotely, especially while on-the-go.

How Can We Help?

Leverage RT Dynamic’s expertise in Suite CRM Integration with Slack to gain benefits that would boost productivity of your organization. At the same time, it would allow you to optimize your business process and reach new highs of customer satisfaction. Coupled with that is the added advantage of building a stronger and more interconnected team.

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, Customization, and Support.Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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