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If your team seems bored with their SuiteCRM, it’s time to leverage a new SuiteCRM theme to break the monotony. Additionally, this will also motivate your team to leverage SuiteCRM as the best business management software to give you a competitive advantage. 

RT Dynamic has developed a number of SuiteCRM themes to make you feel at home when using your CRM platform. This will make your CRM stand out and improve the user experience with a SuiteCRM theme that reflects your business identity and fits your business needs.   

Wild Berries: The All-New SuiteCRM Theme

RT Dynamic has introduced a new SuiteCRM theme called Wild Berries. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes it different from other SuiteCRM themes available in the market. 

The SuiteCRM Wild Berries theme makes the SuiteCRM interface more user-friendly with colors that are easy on the eye. With a focus on simple and easy navigation, this SuiteCRM theme will boost the productivity of your team as they won’t be spending time and energy on scrolling through the screen.

SuiteCRM Custom Theme

In this SuiteCRM theme, we have focused on improved user experience by having an organized layout by leveraging space. This helps users to see all the required information in a single view without having to scroll. 

Moreover, the Wild Berries SuiteCRM theme has user-friendly typography and cleaner icons to make sense of the specified CRM function with just a glimpse. Overall, this theme will give your CRM a clean and sharp look, making it easy to use and drive efficiency in your business processes. 

Have a look at the detailed view and edit view of the SuiteCRM Wild Berries theme!

SuiteCRM Custom Theme
SuiteCRM Custom Theme

Benefits of SuiteCRM Themes

Personalized Business Branding

Using a CRM platform might be difficult if the CRM theme makes it difficult for you to leverage it. This is where the benefits of CRM themes come into play. For example, SuiteCRM is an open source CRM and can be made to align with the branding and objectives of your business with a theme that fits the needs of your team. 

Better User Experience

To maximize the ROI on your CRM investment, it’s imperative to improve the user experience. This comes with an exceptional user interface. Now, when we talk about SuiteCRM users, better SuiteCRM themes with different color modes, easy navigation, improved typography, and user-friendly elements can go a long way. 

Increased User Adoption

The need for SuiteCRM themes is more than ever when your team is reluctant in using the CRM platform. SuiteCRM themes can help improve user adoption and boost the productivity of your team. A new SuiteCRM theme can also be a change from the dull routine and help engage your team to make the most of the CRM platform as one of the best customer relationship management software. 

Get SuiteCRM Wild Berries Theme!

Are you ready to completely revamp your SuiteCRM with the new and highly demanded SuiteCRM Wild Berries theme? Make your CRM stand out by giving it a new look and see a boost in the productivity of your team. With a simple user-interface, this new SuiteCRM theme will increase user-adoption and improve user experience so you can level-up your business game. 

SuiteCRM Custom Theme Development

If the SuiteCRM Wild Berries theme is not the theme for you, you can also go for the SuiteCRM custom theme development to get a personalized theme for your CRM. Simply tell us your requirements and we will customize the SuiteCRM theme just the way you want it to look. Our SuiteCRM developers can customize the layout, dashboards, list view, record view, and detail view, etc. of your SuiteCRM to mirror your business processes and reflect your brand identity. 

The Bottom Line!

Leveraging SuiteCRM themes can completely change the way your team interacts with the CRM software. Break the monotony of using the default SuiteCRM theme and customize your SuiteCRM with modules and a theme that fits your business needs so you can leverage it as the best business software for small businesses.  

RT Dynamic is an Official SuiteCRM Partner firm. From SuiteCRM Migration, Customization, Integration and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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