Boost productivity with Kanban view in your CRM!

Streamline communication, organize data, manage pipelines, visualize workflows and much more in SuiteCRM by leveraging Kanban methodology.

Free 30 days trial

Skyrocket your business growth with actionable insights and leverage drag and drop features to streamline the pipeline for seamless communication, all through DynamicBoards.

Streamline Data Access

Make the most of your data with DynamicBoards. With data assigned to cards and drag & drop functionality, all your records are now just one click away. 

Simplified User Adoption

With an intuitive user interface, DynamicBoards is easy to use with activity buttons and color labels to increase user adoption and boost productivity.

Seamless Business Processes

Stay on top of your day by getting more done in less time by leveraging activity buttons on the cards to streamline communication and manage tasks seamlessly.

Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of your team’s performance and keep them in the loop so that you never miss a deadline and achieve your business goals.

About DynamicBoards

RT Dynamic has 11+ years of experience in CRM development and 6 years of exclusive SuiteCRM experience. With unprecedented growth, RT Dynamic is always trying to improve the user experience of SuiteCRM users. This meant innovation at a fast pace and endless efforts to introduce SuiteCRM plugins that users would love!

DynamicBoards is the latest SuiteCRM plugin introduced by RT Dynamic to leverage data optimization, streamline task management and boost productivity. With DynamicBoards, you can get instant access to all the required information with the power of Kanban view added to SuiteCRM modules.



User-Friendly Layout

With an intuitive user-interface, DynamicBoards is easy to use and allows users to quickly create columns and retrieve information.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Leverage the drag and drop functionality to move records during different stages of closing a deal with a success/failure stage drop area.

Quick Activity Buttons

Along with interactive action items such as user initials, user profile photo and last modification date, the activity buttons in the Kanban view let you create emails, log calls, and schedule meetings.

Interactive User Interface

With a flexible user interface, you can view and edit records in the form of Kanban cards, click them for a collapsible view, or simply click the link for a detailed preview of record.

Color Code Your Cards

Personalize your cards with color coding and mark favorites to highlight important items for seamless business processes.

Quick Search Integration

With filtered search integration within the Kanban view, simply use the search bar to instantly get the relevant information and cut the hassle of scrolling.

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly
  • $ 45/Monthly
  • Monthly Plan
  • Support Included
  • License for one production SuiteCRM instance
  • Works with versions 7.9.0 - 7.11.10
  • Get It Now
  • Yearly
  • $ 430/yr
  • Yearly Plan
  • Support Included
  • License for one production SuiteCRMinstance
  • Works with versions 7.9.0 - 7.11.10
  • Get It Now
Dynamicboards Installation Guide


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