Top 4 Odoo CRM Customizations


Odoo is a great all-in-one management tool. It offers an array of applications to businesses. Some well-known ones include CRM, e-Commerce, Accounting, and ERP.  Odoo CRM is a highly coveted platform and solution because of its flexibility and adaptability. The flexibility offered by Odoo CRM comes in part from its highly customizable nature. The customizations ensure that your OdooCRM is the best fit for your company, you can upgrade to Odoo to access them all. 

Let’s a look at the four most important customizations for your Odoo CRM. 

Build a Dynamic Dashboard 

Dashboards are a useful visual tool to micromanage different aspects of your business. You can track progress on projects and see the details of important transactions. Dashboards simplify the everyday decision-making process considerably. Customizable dashboards for your employees based on their roles and responsibilities can be made in OdooCRM

Odoo gives you a perfect Dashboard to organize and monitor various modules in your CRM. You can tweak the Dashboard to get an overview of things you want to see immediately. The dashboard can be routed to fit the management requirements of your company. It is also easy to add multiple advanced search engines to enhance the overall reporting system in your company. The Dashboard can be utilized to view the KPIs of your sales team. You can add these features and much more to your dashboard with the customizations on offer.

Customize Workflows 

Workflow customization is one of the most crucial customizations in any CRM. Effective management of workflows will lead to higher automation and increase the overall efficiency and productivity of your firm. Tailoring the workflows of your Odoo CRM will ensure that your CRM is fully compatible with the needs of your company. A good example of workflow customization is that whenever a new lead is generated, Odoo will automatically update the list in your Sales portfolio and add the potential lead into the database. This kind of automation ensures that you never miss out on important opportunities. It further ensures a greater synergy across teams and departments and creates an environment conducive to higher collaboration. 

Generate customized reports

Use Odoo to generate customized reports. As hinted at earlier, you can develop customized advanced search and reporting engines in your dashboards. With this feature, you can gain insights in real-time. You can add personalized filters to shrink and expand the nature and scope of your reports. The results of the reports would be displayed on your dashboard. You can add a timer to the report and the figures will be automatically updated. The reports you generate will not only highlight important figures like KPIs but will also give you a comprehensive analysis of the opportunities lined up for you. 

All in all, customized reporting mechanisms will give you the tools to run quick cohort analysis, lead analysis as well as opportunity analysis. These features are bound to enhance your project management and ensure a great CRM experience. 

Point of Sale Receipt & Invoice Customization 

Most businesses today need to print invoices and receipts continuously. While receipt printing can be executed by using a regular desktop printer, you can make the whole process a lot easier by using a simple POS and invoicing customization offered by Odoo. It is a simple process and you can print receipts using your company’s unique template. This capability is especially for small businesses or start-ups.  At the same time, Odoo gives you the ability to synchronize your invoicing details with the rest of the data in your CRM. This is a beneficial feature as it assures that your logs and inventory is always updated and no transaction is missed or duplicated in your records. 

Our Two Bits! 

Odoo offers premier customer relationship management services. In addition to providing prompt and effective customer service, OdooCRM customizations will ensure that your lead generation and nurturing are at an all-time best. In addition to the customizations mentioned earlier, you can use Odoo to customize fields, dashlets, themes, calendars, and emails along with a plethora of other things. Through Odoo CRM you will be able to deliver excellent customer service, streamline your work processes, consolidate data across platforms, and increase your company’s productivity. These factors together will drive higher profitability. 

Once you have acquired Odoo, you would also have over a thousand Odoo applications for optimal work experience and great customer service delivery. With Odoo Mobile applications you can handle all your work from mobile. In addition to this Odoo is designed to facilitate remote work. You can augment your Odoo CRM by getting features that are traditionally found in ERP solutions with Odoo HR and Inventory management features. Additionally, Odoo is perfect for companies looking to set up dynamic, visually appealing, and user-friendly websites with Odoo Website Development. Odoo Websites can be deployed with minimal coding and come with sophisticated architecture. 

These features make Odoo a well-rounded and holistic CRM solution. If you are curious to learn more about Odoo customizations, integrations, and migrations, you should leverage our free consultation services today. 

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