Enhance your Inventory and HR management with Odoo


Odoo provides a host of solutions and services to its clients. These include CRM, billing, accounting, warehouse management among others. As a solution provider, Odoo is perfect for managing your company’s Inventory and HR-related needs. 

Inventory and HR management are some of the toughest aspects of handling a business. Odoo, an open-source CRM and ERP, ensures that you are on the right track. With Odoo you can easily automate these processes, streamline the data, increase productivity, and maintain an efficient flow of information. Odoo Mobile App ensures that you can oversee these processes at any time anywhere. Already have an inventory and HR management platform set up? Fear not, with Odoo Migration you can continue your business on Odoo.

To understand how Odoo will enhance your inventory and HR management; let’s dive deeper!  

Manage your Inventory with Odoo

Odoo helps you in setting up a modern and efficient inventory system. Inventories are the missing link between great conversion rate and excellent customer service. Make sure that this link is rock solid through Odoo

Reduce your processing time

Once you start using Odoo it becomes extremely easy to manage your inventory. You can reduce the processing time by a big margin through efficient stocking methods and internal operations. The smart double inventory system saves you the hassle of adding data again and again. Odoo will keep track of the stocks as they move from location to location and update logs accordingly. 

Automate replenishment process

Through the customizable inventory application, you can automate the replenishment process. Your inventory management will be at its best when you use order points and automated RFQs. This will time and reduce errors or delays. 

Advanced mechanisms to manage routes 

Complex inventory routes are difficult to manage and oversee. Through Odoo, however, you can easily manage complex inventory routes; from dock shipping to cross-docking and multiple warehouses. 

Ensure your stocks are traceable 

Odoo helps you in keeping a record of all stock details. Now you do not have to worry about your stock as it is purchased, moved into the warehouse, or sold; Odoo diligently maintains a record of all these processes. 

Benefit from concise and comprehensive reporting 

You can now make wise decisions about your stock based on the dynamic and comprehensive reports generated by Odoo. These reports are automatically created and cover all aspects of your business.

Easy Integrations 

Odoo can easily be integrated with a number of sales, purchase, and accounting applications. This can automate many processes for example RFQ management among other things. For example, Odoo’s integration with Freshbooks will do wonders for synchronizing your inventory details and related accounts with accounting processes. You no longer have to worry about tallying data or going over the nitty-gritty- Odoo will take care of everything for you. 

Similarly, you can integrate Odoo with Amazon to ensure that your business is keyed to the global marketplace. Amazon is ideal to configure taxes on your inventory and to manage payment and invoicing processes. 

Odoo has got your HR’s back    

Every company’s HR is always under extreme strain because working away from the office makes everything difficult for them. HRM makes or breaks any business. You can make your life easy with Odoo though. 

Maintain Up to date Profiles 

Keep up to date profiles and initiate communication between employees. Through the Odoo Employee Application, you can create a platform where employees get to know each other better. They can share the details of their roles. This familiarity helps to run the company like a well-oiled machine. 

Odoo Attendance Monitoring

Keep a track of your employees’ attendance records through Odoo. You can use customized filters to regulate remote check-ins. Employees can be asked to only check-in when working remotely. You can easily put up control rules and regulations to prevent false check-ins. For example, you can restrict entries to specific IP addresses. The employees in the office can only mark their attendance using specific IP addresses while those working from home can use other options.  You can also do away with this option entirely.  

Keep a track of productivity 

When working from home it is difficult to ensure productivity without constant check-ins- which might be seen as intrusive by the employees. Odoo has a perfect solution to this situation. Time productivity trackers are useful for both employers and employees and ensure greater transparency and harmony. 

Sign and share documents easily 

Odoo gives you the option to integrate multiple applications, for example, Google Documents. You can use these third party software and applications to accomplish a lot. For example, when hiring new employees you no longer need to get them in the same physical space to sign the contract. All of this can be managed online with Odoo.

Our Two Bits! 

Odoo is a perfect CRM for companies looking to scale up and manage work remotely. Odoo comes with a number of benefits. Effective Inventory and HR management will help you to drive up your profitability which has already been boosted by the amazing Sales management offered by Odoo. You can gain more in-depth knowledge about these processes by reaching out to RT Dynamic. We can help you with the implementation of Odoo as well as any integrations or customizations you are interested in! 

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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