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Odoo Upgrades

The safe and hitch-less upgrade process provided by RT Dynamic is consistent with industry standards.

Our Process!

Here is an outline of our upgrade plan for you.


Odoo Upgrade Form

Your journey with us starts after you fill the upgrade form. You are expected to list all the details of your existing implementation.


Detailed Business Audit

Following the submission of the form, Our team of Odoo experts conduct a thorough audit of your business.


Deciding on an Optimal Solution

After understanding the limitations of your previous implementation and your future goals, our team recommends the most optimal solution for your business.


Upgrade Implementation

Once you give the go-ahead, our expert developers at RT Dynamic will implement the desired Odoo version.

Why Choose RT Dynamic?

Expansive Industry Experience

RT Dynamic has been in the CRM industry for 7 years now. We have served a vast number and variety of clients across the globe. Our skilled resources are fully equipped to execute the Odoo upgrade you are looking for.

Compliance with GDPR & Rigorous Security Protocol

We take the security of your data very seriously and comply with the GDPR. Our rigorous security protocol has gained us the trust of our clients.

Salient Features

Our Odoo Upgrade process possesses the following features:


RT Dynamic houses a dedicated team of CRM experts who are proficient in Odoo implementation, customization, and up-gradation. We deliver excellent solutions in the shortest possible time frame.

Data Security

We comply with industry standards to ensure maximum data protection and privacy.

Seamless Process

We use the most effective Extraction, Transfer, and Loading (ETL) tools. This makes our process seamless and prevents any data loss.

Active Support

You can rely on us for active support long after your project is up and running. You can reach out to us if you run into any issues.

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