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Remote work is a need of the twenty-first century. The pandemic has only intensified this necessity. In the past few months, most firms are dealing with an internal crisis; maintaining workflows from home whilst trying to execute effective policies has been nothing short of an uphill struggle. 

Odoo provides a one-stop solution to all of your CRM related needs while your company operates from home.  The added functionalities in Odoo will help you to maximize your company’s productivity. Odoo will further assist you in optimizing both internal and external communications. It eases and streamlines the processes overseen by your HR. Already have a CRM with company records? With Odoo Migration you can enhance your work from home experience.

Let’s take a look at how Odoo will facilitate work from home for you and your company. 

Make Communication quick, easy, and reliable with Odoo      

Instant communication is going to be a few taps and clicks away for your company now. Odoo provides you the option of communicating across multiple channels. The consequent synergy is going to fill the vacuum created by a lack of common working space.  The features also ensure smooth communication with customers.  Odoo offers three broad options to promote excellent communication. These include instant messaging, live chat boxes, and a customizable inbox. Here is a quick overview of each of these features. 

Instant SMS & Calls 

Instant texts are a popular mode of communication with clients. It has become a fundamental part of any company’s marketing strategy because texts possess a higher return rate. More importantly though, with Odoo VoIP you can now maintain a two-way channel of communication. You can receive calls from customers and respond to them in real-time.  This is going to instantly change the way you interact with your customers, making your company more accessible. You can generate more organic interactions through these features. 

 Odoo Live Chats

The Live Chat feature on your website will streamline customer queries. Chat Boxes have the potential to increase your sales. The one on one personalized interactions will speed up the process of query resolution. Your customers would be able to set up meetings at a faster pace too. Odoo widget can be customized to create your company’s avatar. You can also automate the offline and online status according to your work hours. 

Odoo Inbox 

The customizable Odoo Inbox can be used to achieve the appearance of an actual working space. You can create integrated chats to facilitate interaction between different teams. At the same time, the option of sending Direct Messages can be used to interact with individuals. 

New & Efficient ways of managing projects from home 

Project Management, a central feature of any work environment, is difficult to manage from home.  Odoo has introduced a number of features to increase both you and your team’s functionality and productivity. 

Odoo’s Project Management  

Odoo provides a simple and visually attractive way to organize ongoing projects. You can create lists, tasks, and keep track of the team’s progress. It is also easy to set-up milestones, and collaborate across teams. The project management tool also makes it easy to monitor and oversee projects for the executive team. The multiple drop-down options increase functionality across the board. The whole team can also have a sense of the bigger picture. In addition to the wonderful Project Management Feature, your Odoo allows you to drive higher profit through sales

Easy integrations to streamline projects 

The Project Management Tool can also be integrated with Google Drive, Outlook, and Google Calendar. These features ensure that every member of the team is on the same page. You can now collaborate across teams easily and increase productivity across the board.  

Accomplish more through Task Manager

Task management takes a hit when everyone, or a significant number of team members, are working remotely. However, the Task Manager feature can help your teams to break down tasks and track progress. It also comes with great communication features. You can also set deadlines and create priority lists. Reminders can be automated.  Your employees will be alerted closer to deadlines. This will ensure that the required tasks are executed in a timely manner.  This way everyone is kept in the loop. 

Stay on top of meeting and appointment schedules 

Meeting and appointment schedules can be created and shared easily. At the same time, Odoo provides the added utility of appending the schedules with notes or to-do lists. 

An expansive storage option 

Odoo comes with reliable storage options. The team members can easily store their work on Cloud without fear of losing anything owing to any unforeseeable circumstances. 

Our Perspective: 

Working from home is part and parcel of the new normal and is here to stay. Odoo can ease the transition of your business to this new set-up; it is going to be a swift and painless process. An upgrade to Odoo will give you access to a suite of features. If you need any assistance with setting up Odoo, integrations, or customizations, or simply have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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