Odoo Website Builder: A tool of great convenience


Odoo is an open-source, easy to use, and enormously compatible, CRM software. It can be utilized to not only manage the customer, accounting, and billing side of things but the new Odoo features give you the option to build your own website.  An attractive and helpful website is exceptionally useful for businesses to draw in clients. It ensures that your website is optimized to appear in all relevant search results.

Website building is usually seen as a tedious chore and requires a lot of back end coding and leg work. Odoo makes all of this super easy for you. Here are a few ways in which Odoo is a tool of great convenience for companies and businesses that are looking to build a website.  It is easy to use and compatible across different platforms making it extremely mobile.

Let us have a look at the ways in which Odoo Website Builder makes OdooCRM users’ lives much easier!

No coding

With Odoo you no longer require coding at the back end. You only need to drop the features you require on the website to create tabs and links.  You can add new features on the go and as your business develops. This makes website development the easiest thing in the world. Your company no longer needs to hire a coding expert!

Tailor the website to your unique brand

Branding is perhaps is the most critical aspect of businesses. Odoo ensures that the vision you have for your company aligns perfectly with the website choices you have. The template and format of the website can easily be molded to the specific needs of your business. Different tools are available to adjust colors, background images, fonts among other things. This ensures that your website provides a wholesome and consistent experience for prospective clients.

Ensure that website visitors leave as customers

Synchronize your marketing tools and campaigns with the material visible on your website. Odoo allows you to introduce diverse formations and easy customer segmentation plans. You can run multi-thematic and group-oriented pages through Odoo. Each page can be organized to align with the general vibe of your target audience.

Expand your website to include many other applications

When you develop your website with Odoo you can easily expand in a different direction. The website can be integrated with specialized apps to increase the traffic on your website. You can sell stuff online utilizing the services of applications like eBay.

Similarly, recruitment drives and help desks can also be linked to the main page. Content management pages that include question can answer forums can only be displayed on your front page. Lastly, you have the option of integrating your marketing stack. Introduce the option of Live Chat and Mass Mailing on your site.

Use Odoo for websites in different languages

Odoo supports more than 20 different languages which include Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Mongolian, and Chinese among others. If your company wishes to expand overseas then using Odoo is the ideal option for you. You can increase your outreach by using Odoo and create webpages in different languages.

It is simple and functional

As illustrated above, using Odoo can help you create websites that are easy and remarkably reliable. You can work to generate pages that are user friendly.  The consistent and attractive experience offered by Odoo generated website ensures that your clients are always satisfied.

Build your website in less than five minutes

With an upgrade to Odoo, you won’t need to undergo a tedious process to make a website. In fact, you can complete one in little time and without much hassle. This reduces your dependency on development teams and allows you to have free reign over what exactly the website should look like and how it should be maintained.

Our Two Bits!

Odoo Website Builder is a much-needed tool that makes it easy for businesses to quickly and efficiently set up their website without needing complicated and often, expensive technical help. RT Dynamic can help you take your website one step further and implement it according to your personalized preferences, in a manner that just the website builder might not be able to. 

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.  Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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