Why SuiteCRM for Law Firms is Better Than Legal Management Systems


Is your law firm spending a lot of time to provide customers with case updates and information? Are your clients slipping through the cracks because of poor customer service? If you are facing such problems in your law firm, it’s high time that you invest in SuiteCRM for law firms and reap the benefits of a high ROI. Every law firm needs a CRM to maintain its databases and deliver meaningful customer experiences. If you aren’t leveraging Law CRM, there’s a high probability that you are missing out on a lot of growth opportunities. Now, if you say that you have a legal management system such as CLIO Legal Software for Attorneys or Needles Legal Management Software to streamline your documentation, you are still falling behind as compared to your competitors.

In this article, we will do an in-depth analysis of how SuiteCRM for Law Firms is better than Law Practice Management Software and why you must go for a Law CRM to provide value to your clients. But before that, let’s explore how Law CRM and other Legal Management Systems are different to reach an educated conclusion. Let’s go!

What is Law CRM?

Law CRM is your complete database of clients so you can serve them better and have repeat consumers. CRM for law firms helps you to improve customer management during all stages of client interaction starting from client acquisition to the closing of a case. Manage records and keep track of your client’s cases in a unified platform and get instant access to client’s histories to streamline your law firm management processes. With your Legal CRM, you can stay ahead of your competitors by focusing on business automation to skip the hefty paperwork and spend time on tasks that actually matter. Along with being a case management system, Law CRM allows a number of added functionalities such as:

  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM integrations with other business software
  • CRM customizations to suit your law firm needs
  • Real-time reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards

What is Legal Management Software?

A Legal Case Management System allows you to manage cases and store all documents and relevant information about a client. Moreover, it also allows you to manage the finances of your legal firm by streamlining your billing processes and robust reporting. Some examples of well-built Legal Case Management Systems include:

  • CLIO Law Practice Management System
  • Needles Case Management Software
  • West Law Case Management Software
  • SmokeBall Law Practice Management Software

How CRM for Law firms is different than Legal Case Management Systems?

Moving on, let’s see how SuiteCRM for law firms is different than Legal Case Management Software. Here’s what makes Law CRM different and a must-have for your law firm.

CRM Customization to Fit the Law Firm’s Needs

Customize SuiteCRM to mirror your business processes as you can change the modules related to your business. Usually, law firms that leverage SuiteCRM create modules for:

  1. Clients
  2. Projects
  3. Leads
  4. Employees

Seamless CRM Integrations to Drive Efficiency

Integrate SuiteCRM with third-party software to boost business efficiency. If you are using different platforms to streamline your law firm processes, you can integrate them with your Law CRM and leverage a unified platform.

Mobile CRM

Practice on the go with SuiteCRM mobile for lawyers to stay ahead of your competitors. Be more responsive to provide greater value to your customers and have a 360-degree view of all your lawsuits, clients and employee management tasks.

Why you must go for Law CRM rather than a Legal Case Management System?

For law firms to meet the pressing new challenges, it is important to leverage technology. Now, that you know what is a CRM and a Legal Management System, let’s explore how Law CRM is better than a Legal Firm Case Management Software.

Seamless Case Management

One of the main reasons why you must leverage Legal CRM rather than case management platform is that it lets you to effectively manage specific groups of contacts. This will give you insights into how much time you are spending on a case and update the entries in real-time.

Unified Document Storage Platform

Unlike a case management system, SuiteCRM for lawyers is a centralized document storage platform. You can save all your data regarding the cases, manage files, track changes and keep your documents secure.

Manage Finances Effectively

SuiteCRM for lawyers will streamline your billing management. It won’t be a hassle to bill recurring clients and create custom bills according to services availed. Moreover, Law CRM will automatically create billing plans for clients according to their agreements. Moreover, it also allows you integration with payment gateways such as PayPal for seamless financial transactions.

Marketing Automation for a Larger Clientele

Law firms that leverage marketing automation in SuiteCRM are a step ahead of their competitors as they enjoy a high ROI on their marketing efforts. Through your Law CRM, you can come up with better marketing segmentation to attract more clients by integrating SuiteCRM with other marketing automation platforms.

Nurture Strong Customer Relationships

Lawyers can engage better with clients and create value for the clients through SuiteCRM. Wouldn’t it be great to stay in touch with prospects until they take the decision to hire you? With integrated telephony systems in CRM, you can call the prospects and track communication for follow-ups, turning more leads into clients.

For example, you talk to a contact who is not ready at the moment to hire you. With a case management system, you will lose a prospective customer. However, using a SuiteCRM, you can segment such leads in a category and run automated follow-up campaigns for them. Hence, a legal firm using SuiteCRM can up their marketing game by optimizing the customer lifecycle management.

Generate More Leads

Another reason why SuiteCRM is better than the Legal Case Management Software is that it lets you generate leads and automate the process. However, a Legal Management System only lets you manage the workflows and documentation.

The Bottom Line!

Leverage the CRM for lawyers to streamline management processes at your law firm, amplify your marketing efforts for greater efficiency and have a centralized database for document storage. From our analysis, it is evident that a Law CRM allows you to do much more than a Legal Case Management Software, so go for it to revolutionize your business!

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