How SuiteCRM Amplifies Marketing Efficiency


In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to personalize your interactions with your customers. While reaching out to customers at the right time with the right content is no easy feat, a CRM software can take care of your key marketing functions. If you, like many others, believe that CRM is used only by the sales team to acquire new leads and close business deals faster, time to leave the cave. A SuiteCRM amplifies marketing efficiency in a number of ways that can really make the difference for your organization’s marketing efforts.

Wanna go one step further? Enter SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM has unleashed endless opportunities for marketers. Some of the features come out of the box but if you truly want to get the maximum return on investment from your CRM, you will have to augment its functionality with customization (something our Developers will be more than happy to assist you with)

Let’s take a closer look at both:

Built-in Solutions:

The list of out-of-the-box features will vary from vendor to vendor. However, in almost all CRM systems, you will find two main inbuilt marketing tools. These tools are:

Email Marketing: Email marketing helps you market your product or service at a massive level with a faster pace.  In just one click, you can introduce your offer to a large audience with no apparent cost.

Newsletters: Newsletters keep customers updated about your company’s recent sales or newly launched products. Each newsletter is managed on a subscription basis and is targeted towards individuals with whom you have an existing relationship. It is a handy tool that can be called a sub-category of Email Marketing.

Customization Solutions:

The list of customization solutions in CRM marketing knows no end. All you need to do is integrate your CRM with a quintessential marketing automation platform. That and with the following features, you’re set for life (or at least until something new rolls out).

Lead Scoring: Lead scoring enables marketers to concentrate on the most promising leads. Every customer receives a score, based on his activities. When a lead matures i.e. reaches a threshold value, it is sent to a sales representative so that appropriate action could be taken.

Lead Nurturing: Lead nurturing is the process of sending a series of automated emails that will trigger based on a person’s behavior. Being able to nurture leads based on a variety of attributes (behavior, demographics, buying stage) is a highly sought after tool by marketers.

Tracking Visitors: Monitor every person who visits your website by tracking their behavior, including which pages they click, from where they access the website, what keywords they typed on Google that directed them to your website etc.

Social Media: Know what the customers and prospects have to say about your company’s products and services, how they respond to email messages and website content and incorporate that data into your marketing automation platform.

Key Takeaway

According to SessionCam, 89% of users have integrated their marketing automation with their SuiteCRM because it offers ease in process and data management. Integrating SuiteCRM and marketing automation is a tested and proven way to boost sales, develop excellent marketing programs and most importantly give your clients an unforgettable experience.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity to boost your business’s performance. To make your business payments safe and secure Get in touch for seamless SuiteCRM integration with your favorite payment gateway right away. Our SuiteCRM certified experts would be happy to help you.

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