SuiteCRM WooCommerce Integration: An Analysis


WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform that is easily customizable and allows its users to conveniently set up an online store within minutes. Users can easily set up the out-of-the-box platform for free and begin engaging with customers in no time. However, as the platform grows for the vendor, there is a greater need felt to organize the business in a more streamlined fashion and to be able to engage with customers in a better way.

SuiteCRM serves as an excellent answer to this call. SuiteCRM enables its users to optimize their business process and boost efficiency so that the vendors can meet the needs of their clients and establish good customer relationships. On top of that, having integrated with an eCommerce platform, the resulting CRM would serve as an effective tool to manage inventory, organize shipments, and ensure timely deliveries.

SuiteCRM for eCommerce platforms is quite a popular application among its users. The benefits of integrating WooCommerce with SuiteCRM are numerous and make everyday business for the vendors that much easier. Let’s dive in to find out more!

Avoid Duplicate Entries

In cases where vendors have a separate eCommerce platform from a CRM, users need to keep all the business information up-to-date on both platforms individually. This includes any information about products, customers or even orders. With information stored in different platforms, it is bound to be out of sync with each other and it requires the users to manually enter the same data twice. With the integration, both platforms would be in sync with each other, and users would only need to enter the details about inventory, shipments, and clients once. The existing data at the time of the integration can also be synced bi-directionally.

Manage Products In SuiteCRM

With a separate product module available in SuiteCRM, it is possible, upon integration, to keep track of each individual product that the business deals in. At the same time, all the products that are currently available in the inventory are kept track of. The exhaustive list of products is already present in the WooCommerce application, and once the integration with SuiteCRM is done, this product information gets automatically transferred to the products module in the CRM platform. With the complete inventory of all the products available present, users can easily track transactions and manage the business operations smoothly.

Customer Orders Processed Easily

All the orders received online are at the WooCommerce end of the platforms. All the customer interaction is done there too. However, it is important to keep track of the orders in the CRM so as to maintain the business process efficiently and to ensure customer retention. Once the SuiteCRM Integration with WooCommece is done, users can not only keep track of all the orders received by the business, they can also process the order within the CRM platform. This includes looking up the ordered product in the inventory and getting it dispatched to the relevant customer. Throughout the entire process, the status of the order is updated within the CRM too.

Synchronize Contacts

It is essential to keep a record of all the clients that the business has dealt with over time. With a special contacts module, users can do just that once WooCommerce is integrated with SuiteCRM. Not only is it important to keep track of clients for the purpose of managing records, but it is also necessary to keep track of customer profiles in the event that they may use the eCommerce platform again. It is also a means of ensuring customer retention, by sending routine emails offering the latest deals to previous clients, who are likely to use the same services if they had a positive experience. The syncing is done two-way, so the WooCommerce platform is also kept up-to-date when it comes to contacts.

Send Quotation Emails

For customers who fill up their online shopping carts on the WooCommerce platform but leave them abandoned, the integration could help translate these into actual sales. A quotation module can be specifically built into the CRM platform to convert these abandoned carts into orders that are yet to be confirmed. A quotation email can be sent to these prospective clients, each detailing the nature and type of product they added in their cart. It would also provide the option of them buying the cart items right from their inbox. This would redirect the page to the WooCommerce platform with the cart at the ready, thus saving time and effort at the time of the purchase.

Custom Fields

The SuiteCRM and WooCommerce integration allow users to create any number of custom fields within the CRM platform. Users can customize their interface to include any new categories that may come along as the business process expands. For example, users can add a special coupon module, that would trigger events whenever a new coupon was created, dispatched, and used. This data could be used to build up further information about the clients and their purchasing habits.

Our Two Bits!

RT Dynamic is your one-stop-shop for all your SuiteCRM Customization and Integration needs. With the help of our experienced team of developers, users can not only flawlessly integrate their WooCommerce platform with SuiteCRM, but also customize the resulting platform according to their needs. The end result would be a seamless and optimized business process, where transactions are kept well recorded in the CRM, and clients are retained once their needs are satisfied. 

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Integration, Migration, Customization, and Support.Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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