SuiteCRM Integration with Payment Gateways


If you run a business and wish to see it in a successful future standing you need to integrate your payment gateway to a CRM solution. Payment solution providers are emerging in number as well as services with the business transactions becoming more electronic. Finding for your company the right payment gateway which is tailored according to its unique needs while wading through a sea of options, can be cumbersome. But the exciting part is, whichever solution you end up choosing for your business SuiteCRM will work with it. As a completely open source CRM,  SuiteCRM offers smooth integration with third-party applications. Individuals running a business with prospects to expand must be familiar with the importance of payment solutions. Here we will unveil the advantages of how the integration of your payment solution with SuiteCRM will help your business establish a strong foothold.

Complete Business Transaction Record

Companies need to maintain track of all their business transactions in order to form a helpful database regarding their performance. SuiteCRM integration with a payment gateway helps you tailor these transactions according to your required standards. You can keep a transaction history against individual contacts, opportunities, and leads and highlight a trend for potential payments. SuiteCRM can further enable statistics for successful and failed payments alongside delayed and upcoming payments to be received. Such a business transaction record helps your business transform oversight into a bird’s eye view and fix any lags in the system.

Active Payment Notifications

Another exciting feature your company can avail for its ease is the prompt notification system. By adjusting your notification settings according to the requirements your company can receive all payment related notifications on your SuiteCRM. It facilitates you by saving you time and the struggle to wade through incoherent database while providing you a real-time view of all the happenings.

Automated Payment System

To get your billing system streamlined you need to get your hands on the best payment integration system and SuiteCRM helps you with this platform. It allows you to integrate with your system the right payment gateway your company requires and makes billing a hassle-free task. It liberates you from the tedious inconvenience of entering customer information every time instead all the client information automates into the required fields once entered into the system. This provides you with an efficient and effortless automated payment system where you can get the work done just a click away.

Efficient Order Tracking

In addition to automated payments before or after the order delivery, SuiteCRM provides you a 360 degrees view of the order processed itself. After integration of a payment solution with SuiteCRM, it helps you consolidate all the order details and processes on a single platform starting from its order to processing and packaging, followed by its delivery. This surveillance avoids package losses along with midway lags thus providing excellent customer service.

360 Degree Client Data Security

Payment information brings forth sensitive customer data which demands high security to avoid any leaks. To ensure this client data security, SuiteCRM’s integration with PCI-compliant payment gateways such as Stripe yields a safe and reliable mechanism which promises high data security and confidentiality. Hence, your customers are always in safe hands.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity to boost your business’s performance. To make your business payments safe and secure Get in touch for a seamless SuiteCRM integration with your favorite payment gateway right away. Our SuiteCRM certified experts would be happy to help you.

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