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As an open-access business management software, Odoo is ideal for businesses. It offers a host of services including eCommerce, billing, accounting, CRM, and project management among others. Odoo’s Project Management services are, in particular, known for their reliability, usability, and comfort. By contracting Odoo’s Project Management application tool-kit you can easily manage and execute your projects. Through the application, you can manage multiple projects whilst simultaneously enhancing your speed, agility, and productivity. 

Let us take a brief overview of the application and its features in order to understand what the Odoo Project Management platform is all about.

Fast, smooth, and clutter-free experience: 

The application is fully customizable and available, in a modern interface, across different devices.  It has been optimized for a large screen view. The introduction of smart filters makes the application exceptionally easy to navigate and use. 

Thoughtful and User Intuitive features:

Kanban desktop view allows the user to customize their screens as per their needs. The tasks can be divided and displayed according to their level of urgency. Many other features like this are available in the application. The calendar of deadlines can be used to stay on top of things so that you never miss a date. Similarly, the Gantt chart helps you stay on course. Completed projects can also be archived. 

In addition to all those features, multiple projects can be handled simultaneously. Different documents can be organized according to their specifications with ease. The sub-task feature can be enabled to consolidate the relationship between different tasks. Graphs can be generated and pivot table analysis run to glean the latest insights into your project. 

In-built customer care system:

Customer tickets can be issued to track contracts and reports among other things. On top of that, communication with customers can be managed with ease through automated emails appended with issues that increase the visibility of your projects. All actions are automated. 

Seamless communication integrations:

The application provides channels to keep in touch with clients. You can create tasks by sending emails to addresses that have been created as an alias for the specific project. Project tasks, communication logs, and receipts can be maintained diligently this way. Following tasks and getting alerts is only a click away. You can also create chats with clients through the application. Etherpad integration also ensures that multiple parties can work on the same content. 

Track service deadlines and project goals:

By making use of customizable timesheets, downloadable both on chrome and mobile phones, you can keep track of the deadlines. The option of Gantt chart can help you in making reasonable forecasts about the available resources. You can also use the Customer feedback survey to gauge the satisfaction of your clients. 

Similarly, you can synchronize personalized emails to clients after the completion of each project goal. The customer portal assists in providing uninterrupted communication with the client. It also enables the client to view the progress on different projects.  You can also link tasks to Field Services to plan the project from the beginning to the end. 

Manage sales-related tasks:

Fixed price contracts among others can be automatically invoiced through the Project Management application. Linking timesheets to invoicing can make your life easy. Similarly, you would not lose track of your tasks if you link your sales goals with the timesheet. This provides an easy mechanism to delegate deliverables and responsibilities between teams. 

Create and share reports in Dashboard:

The application comes with already designated dashboards equipped with the latest reporting engines. You can easily run the engine to generate advanced reports. Easy access to filters can make sharing with different teams easy and convenient. You can also get the most important information about your project through the readily available option of project overview. At the same time, increase your profitability by keeping an eye on the sales and revenue reports. 

Multiple Odoo integrations:

Odoo’s Project Management application brings a number of integrations at your disposal. These integrations, such as the one with Odoo sales, help save time and increase the quality of your output. Accounting integrations allow for invoice generation according to the timeline set for tasks. Through the integration, you can easily access information about the customers. Expenses can be integrated with the batch information. You can reinforce the information to avoid small losses. You can now easily integrate with Odoo’s powerful API to assimilate links with other software, logs, and task sheets. 

How Can We Help?

Odoo’s Project Management application is made to provide a stable and coherent experience for all Odoo users. An upgrade to Odoo will give you access to all the project management features mentioned above. The users complete their projects without any glitches or bumps and at the same time, enjoy conveniences like communication integrations and dashboard reports. RT Dynamic can help its users integrate the Odoo Project Management system with the Odoo CRM platform, as well as other Odoo apps in order to enhance your Odoo experience. A team of Odoo Experts is available to assist you with any Odoo needs you might have.

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM Integration, Customization, Migration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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