Odoo 14: Same CRM, Better Than Ever


Every year, we get a new version of Odoo, this year is no different. With the release of Odoo 14 in October 2020, we now have a new and improved overall CRM package. This new version of Odoo is now better than before and retains its original features while implementing significant improvements. 

Having the latest version of your Odoo CRM platform will give you the advantage of being up to date. Using older technology will always put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. Be sure to apply the newest updates to your CRM platform, so that there are no opportunities lost. 

Besides changes to core functionality, changes have also been made to improve the overall user experience. This includes a more streamlined approach as there are more quality of life changes present. Let’s now go over what exactly has been added to the already robust functionality of Odoo.

Email Marketing

The way Odoo handles emails has also received some useful tweaks here and there. Before it was a common practice to view all of your Odoo email and SMS activity in the same section. Emails have now been fully separated and are treated separately, giving you room to strategize individual campaigns.

Launched Campaigns will now have recap repohttps://www.rtdynamic.com/blog/email-marketing-made-easyrts that will be sent to you 24 hours after you launched it. This is to show you the initial results so you can better gauge your performance and make changes immediately. 

Preview text can now be customized, you can now better encourage recipients to open emails. Other than this you can also add snippets in the email headers. This makes it more likely for recipients to open it from their web browsers.

Odoo Accounting

Odoo accounting has seen by far the most improvements with the release of Odoo 14. The usability is now enhanced as the list view has seen fixes to increase visibility for activities and document status. 

Financial reports now have a new layout which helps to further emphasize the meaning of each section. Along with this, make intercompany transactions much faster with automatic entries, set it up for specific partners. 

You can now generate multiple reports based on the same localization with improved taxation accounting capabilities. The ability to merge domestic and foreign tax reports is now also present, making it easier to make reports. 

The overall user experience is also much better now. Now you won’t be able to close a fiscal year by accident when you are making your drafted entries. You can add visuals with ease with the simple configuration of your charts for either accounts or tax reports that have been introduced. You will also found that HR expenses can now be fitted into their own menu for better separation. The option to print checks is now a general option that can be done at any time now. With the new accounting tools present, you should be ready for any financial situation.

There are so many more accounting changes other than these. You can view all of them from the Odoo 14 release notes.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Odoo has gone through some upgrades when it comes to its built-in HRM capabilities. You can now sort through employees to check who is currently available based on skills or planning roles. This is a quicker method to instantly check relevant employees who can be reassigned based on their roles. The Salary Configurator customization tool is now available in more countries, giving others more freedom. 

Better management of recruitment is now available, and reports can now be created on why an applicant was not hired. Contact creation of new recruits is also automatic, saving them as private contacts on the first contact. Not just for recruiters, employees who are leaving the company are automatically marked with an end date on their contracts. Other details that they had are all archived.

Summing Up

The new Odoo is going to change the way you conduct your business processes, making them smoother and more streamlined. The update also applies to other areas like Odoo Mobile and website development. We wanted to give you a sneak preview of the most important bits that Odoo 14 has to offer you. Odoo 14 is the latest and greatest that Odoo has to offer and will pave the way for business success.

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