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Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It is employed widely to reach out to diverse audiences. Emails allow companies to send longer texts with embedded links and promotional material. This makes it one of the most effective of online marketing. 

The benefits offered by Odoo’s email marketing app are many. The application enables businesses to only plan effective outreach and promotional campaigns but also gauge the impact of the strategies. Essentially, what differentiates Odoo’s email marketing app is the comprehensive and holistic vision it gives to its users. The application gives its users the leverage to improve and build upon existing strategies. An upgrade to Odoo will allow you to access to the email marketing app. Although it is part of the Customer Relationship Management portfolio, the email marketing application is also available separately.

How does Odoo make Email Marketing easy?

1-      Availability of attractive and unique campaign designs:

Odoo’s email marketing application gives you the chance to design appealing and different designs to personalize your campaign. You do not need to have specific IT knowledge to work out the designs; they are available as part of the application. You can experiment with the layout of your email by using Odoo’s application. The best news is that the application is designed in such a way that it can be used without any specialized training. This means that all the ambitious plans on your agenda are only a couple of clicks away thanks to Odoo.

2-      Option to segment data enables you to design target-specific campaigns:

You can design highly specialized campaigns by dividing your target audience based on the strategies you have in mind. This aspect of Odoo’s application can make life easy for you. In fact, it will significantly increase the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns. You can easily segregate audience information and create groups or target clusters through the app.

3-      Easily accessible from any device makes life easy:

The application uses the same layout and interface options across different devices. This means that you can open it on any device and feel at home. More importantly, it is easy to download the application on any device. The compatibility of Odoo’s marketing application with different software is its most beneficial feature. You can download the application and use it from your mobile with the Odoo mobile application, or other devices such as a laptop, tablet, or desktop. The application will adapt to your screen and optimize your experience.  

4-      Readily available analysis can improve the reach and scope of your marketing plan:

The application gives you the opportunity to analyze the responses your email campaign has garnered. Through a set of easily interpretable images and graphs, it shows you the response rate from different clients. This feedback is crucial for the development of impactful campaigns in the future. Additionally, the statistics show all optimal strategies based on previous data. These insights are very useful for the marketing team of the company.

5-      Advanced features give your full control over the campaign:

Control over different features of the campaign ensures that you can maximize the influence and effect of your plan. Through the Odoo Link tracker you can keep tabs on the overall performance of the campaign in your dashboard. This Link tracker can be easily generated by adding a code to the campaign.  Furthermore, the advanced features allow you to analyze your expected revenue against the revenue generation by the campaign. The insights provided through the in-depth analysis of this conversation rate is a game-changer for the marketing department of your company.

6-      Complete integration with other Odoo apps:

You can easily integrate this application with other solutions provided by Odoo. This ensures that the results of your campaigns can be shared across the application easily. It would be remarkably easy to synchronize data and contact information of clients among other things.

7-      Fosters a better understanding of customer behavior:

The analysis options offered by the application can substantially improve the company’s understanding of the customer’s inclinations. This will keep you ahead of other firms in the market. Customer data is a useful resource when it comes to understanding the way the clients think and in order to make inferences about their future transactions.

8-      It is a cost-effective solution:

Users can use the application by paying a very reasonable subscription fee. Multiple promotional packages are available that can further reduce the cost for companies. OdooCRM is also available in a free version to assist its users with all possible tools needed to boost their sales and revenue.

Our Two Bits!

It would not be wrong to say that Odoo’s marketing application offers a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions to the marketing needs of any company at an affordable price. With the help of the Odoo marketing application, users can aim to reach an even wider customer base and expand the outreach of their business. RT Dynamic can help in this regard by offering OdooCRM customization services that help tailor your CRM platform and the Odoo marketing application in a way that specifically suits your needs. RT Dynamic has a team of Odoo Experts who can assist you with all your Odoo needs. 

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM Integration, Customization, Migration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs.Get in touch,We will be glad to assist you!

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