5 Essential SuiteCRM Plugins You Must Have!


Plug and Play Solutions or Plugins as they’re generally called, are custom business logics that integrate with your SuiteCRM and help you extend and amplify the functionalities of your SuiteCRM. A Plugin integrates particular actions into your SuiteCRM and handles their execution. Plugins differ from SuiteCRM Integration in the sense that the former is easy to install and does not require the services of a SuiteCRM Developer. The SuiteCRM Plugins market is huge and you can find one that suits your business processes and needs. But that’s a daunting task in itself thanks to all the different options, remember we said the market’s huge!

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of essential SuiteCRM Plugins that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on.

SuiteCRM Plugins

Let’s start!

SuiteCRM Plugins

RT GSync

RT GSync is an amazing plugin that seamlessly synchronizes all the different Google Apps with your SuiteCRM. Suppose you’ve got your Customers in your Google Contacts, your meeting scheduled in Google Calendar, and your contracts and documents in Google Docs. Shifting between SuiteCRM and Google can be tiresome, if not inefficient. You’d often find yourself missing something here and there. RT GSync solves this predicament in one stroke by simply integrating with your Google Apps from SuiteCRM. Simply install RT GSync, synchronize, and before you know it, all your Contacts, Calendar Events, Documents, and Emails are now in SuiteCRM. How awesome is that?

RT Telephony

The most important function of a SuiteCRM should be to consolidate your different business processes on one platform to bring ease, uniformity, and optimization to your work. Communication is a piece that holds it all together when it comes to businesses. Corresponding with clients in an efficient manner can have an excellent effect on your business and its growth. RT Telephony strives to do just that, you can make inbound and outbound calls with ease as well as send messages and make use of a number of advanced telephony features. RT Telephony integrates with Twilio and gives you the following features:

  • Click to Call: Make calls from any module
  • SMS: Inbound and Outbound textual messages
  • Automated Voice Response: Manage phone directory and extensions
  • Call Recording: Record calls to avoid miscommunication in your business

RT SalesMap

RT SalesMap gives you a visual representation of different SuiteCRM entities on Google Maps. With RT SalesMap, you can view your Leads, Contacts, Accounts, or any module specifics on Google Maps. Let’s say your business is in the Real Estate Industry, with RT SalesMap, you can easily get a visual representation of all the different properties in your database, view customer locations, and even use the radial search feature to instantly find relevant properties in your vicinity. RT SalesMap allows you to validate addresses via geocoding, save search history, plan routes, and customize your search based on different variables so you get the information you need.

SuiteCRM Plugins


RT HRM brings your Human Resource processes to the 21st century. With RT HRM, you can automate a host of different organizational tasks to improve your productivity and efficiency. RT HRM can connect with multiple social media platforms to simplify your hiring process and lets you manage and conduct employees and their reviews from within your SuiteCRM. You can also use RT HRM for:

  • Manage Recruitment: Automate the hiring process and classify applications for quick shortlisting.
  • Manage Employees: Automate payrolls, attendance, reporting, and evaluations to improve employee satisfaction.
  • Create Customized Organizational Charts: Build a pyramid structure for your organization to classify all the employees. Clicking on the employee will show you his details, current projects, pending reviews (if any), and more.
  • Customized Reports: You can use RT HRM to generate customized reports on employee performance or company logistics.

SuiteCRM Plugins

SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration

SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration lets you integrate QuickBooks accounting with your SuiteCRM so you can manage multiple accounting tasks and processes from one platform. With this plugin, you can synchronize products, contacts, invoices, and quotes with the QuickBooks API and optimize your organization from an accounting perspective. Send and receive payments, invoices, and much more with this SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration.

Our Two Bits!

These are 5 of the most essential SuiteCRM Plugins that you should get to hit the ground running with your SuiteCRM. Instead of wasting time with tedious integrations, opt for the quick and easy plugins that can give you the functionality and features you need in minutes. However, if you find SuiteCRM integrations a more fitting solution for your business, Get in touch for a FREE Consultation Session and we’ll integrate your SuiteCRM with any third-party platform that you need!

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