3 Ways How CRM Is An Excellent Workflow Management Software


According to research, 72% of the small business owners are overwhelmed with their responsibilities and juggle multiple tasks. This results in poor time management and decreased productivity.

However, there are always a few small businesses that see exponential growth by eliminating manual work and automating business processes to focus on things that matter.

So, what are these small businesses doing to gain a competitive advantage?

The answer: Implementing CRM for Workflow Management.

CRM software isn’t just for managing customer relationships as it can also be leveraged to automate your workflows and eliminate cyclical tasks. CRM workflow automation can be used for sales, marketing, customer support, and managing tasks, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss different CRM workflows and make it easy for you to decide which CRM is the best for Custom Workflow management.

So, let’s get started with what makes CRM the best workflow management software and how you can leverage it for integrated workflow management.

Sales Process Automation Workflows

CRM workflow automation helps in streamlining the pipeline and closing deals faster. To increase the sales volume, managers can save time through seamless communication with their team and ensure that each sales rep is updated with the latest information.

Automate Follow-up Emails and Reminders

CRM workflows can be leveraged to automate follow-up emails and reminders so that your sales rep can save more time and focus on closing the deals.

Automate Sales Notifications

Automatically receive notifications regarding different stages of the sales pipeline with CRM workflow automation. This will drive efficiency in your business and help to have smooth business processes so you can make the most of your CRM software as the best integrated workflow management system.

Business Processes Automation Workflows

Effective Task Management

Workflows in CRM can also be created for effective task management. During different stages of a business process, the relevant team members and managers can be notified about a particular action taken. This will boost productivity and maximize your ROI on CRM investment.

Contract Renewals and Data Management

CRM Workflow automation can be leveraged to manage customer data and go the extra mile to retain your customers. For example, reminders and time-based triggers can be set for customer contract renewal when it’s nearing the expiration date. This makes CRM the best flow management system and helps to keep track of all activities.

Customer Management Automation Workflows

Deliver exceptional customer service with CRM custom workflows for customer support. Quickly respond to all customer queries and have seamless communication across departments to find the best solution to the customer’s problem.

Efficient Customer Support

CRM and workflow management can also be used to streamline communication with clients. You can boost the productivity of your customer service team with CRM workflows by creating a workflow for automated email generation to respond to pre-defined issues. Similarly, an automated email response can also be created to let your customers know that you are looking into the matter.

Workflow automation in CRM can also be leveraged fully with conditional triggers. For example, you can create a workflow to automatically change a client’s status in your CRM software as per your requirement.

Which CRM Software is Best for Custom Workflow Management?

Being an open-source platform, SuiteCRM is the best CRM software for creating custom workflows that streamline your business processes. While SuiteCRM provides a number of default workflows, it is highly adaptable in creating unique workflows for unique business needs. As a result, many companies have implemented SuiteCRM to manage their tasks effortlessly and are enjoying a competitive advantage by leveraging SuiteCRM Workflows.

Examples of CRM Workflows in SuiteCRM

To give you a quick overview, the following are some of the examples of CRM Workflows in SuiteCRM.

  • Time-based scheduled triggers
  • Sending email alerts to SuiteCRM admin on duplicate record creation
  • Automatically creating events on SuiteCRM Calendar when appointments, meetings, and tasks are associated with records
  • Bi-directional record syncing with third-party software
  • In case of a status update in the user-defined business process, automatically moving records to the next step

It’s A Wrap!

To get the best result for CRM and Workflow Management, you can leverage the expertise of SuiteCRM experts. Our team at RT Dynamic is well-versed in SuiteCRM custom workflow implementations and will conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs to provide the best solution.

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Partner firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, Customization and Support.Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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