Why SuiteCRM is better than HubSpot


Some decisions in business tend to be quite crucial. With many other factors driving business growth, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the top priority of many companies these days. However, most of the time decision-makers are confused between the leading CRM options. Among a pool of paid and free CRMs, it is always tempting to go for the free CRM and gauge how it suits your business needs. We understand that it is a big struggle and many buyers end up confused and disappointed with lags in choosing the right CRM. For your ease, we have chosen the top two free CRMs: SuiteCRM and HubSpot.

We have been hearing that SuiteCRM is better than HubSpot. To see how much value the claim holds, let’s critically examine the features of SuiteCRM and HubSpot. Hopefully, it will help you to reach a conclusion, so you can skyrocket your business with CRM implementation.


This is an easy one for us, as both are free. However, SuiteCRM gets one point for being free and open-source. This means you can get as many apps as you want to be integrated into your SuiteCRM by yourself or through a certified SuiteCRM consultant for better results.

On the other side, HubSpot is free for unlimited users but to extend its functionality, you need to purchase its Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. This can make HubSpot an expensive option in the long-run.

User Interface

For you to deliver exceptional customer service, it is imperative that your CRM has a user-intuitive interface. As long as your team finds it easier to navigate through the CRM, you will see a boost in their productivity. Not just this, to make your work interesting and be at ease when using SuiteCRM, you can also get SuiteCRM themes added. With SuiteCRM’s on-point user interface, it has become a top choice for many companies. Moreover, most users don’t hesitate in adopting SuiteCRM as it is easy to use and has a robust online support system.

Now, coming to the user interface of HubSpot: it is easy to use and understand. This makes it an attractive option for companies that don’t want to spend too much time training their resources on using HubSpot CRM features. However, the caveat here is that HubSpot CRM does not have a responsive online support system. Hence, if you face any issue, it takes time to approach the right resource in HubSpot to find a solution.


CRM is your complete solution for customer service, sales, and marketing; this means it has a lot of important data that should be secured. Now, if you are using SuiteCRM, it does not have an explicit mechanism of ensuring safety as it is free and open-source. However, there’s an advantage of SuiteCRM as it comes with a secured version called SuiteASSURED. To make your SuiteCRM secure, you can leverage SuiteASSURED.This will put an end to all your doubts regarding the security of SuiteCRM. Moreover, as many government agencies use SuiteASSURED, it adds to SuiteCRM’s credibility.

Moving on to HubSpot CRM, security is its weakest point as it isn’t secure for usage if you don’t trust other users. There aren’t detailed restrictions in HubSpot CRM which leads to little control over your data, in case you are collaborating with other users. For example, you can’t show some custom property or data to someone without giving them access to the complete CRM platform.

Third-Party Software Integrations

Perhaps, the most important feature of CRM is its flexibility in integrating with other third-party software. This extends the usability of your CRM platform and helps in seamless business processes through integrations. SuiteCRM can be easily integrated with a multitude of accounting tools, marketing automation software and business intelligence platforms. Hence, it becomes a unified platform for all your business needs. As SuiteCRM is open-source, it makes it a good option for CRM integrations for advanced functionalities.

However, when it comes to HubSpot free CRM, it supports only limited third-party integrations. This results in limiting its functionality and making things complex for users if their preferred tools or software aren’t supported by HubSpot CRM integrations. In such a situation, users have to buy the marketing, sales and customer service hub features to extend the functionality of their HubSpot CRM.

The Bottom Line

We have covered the major features of SuiteCRM and HubSpot CRM, so you can choose which is the CRM for your business. However, with our analysis, the verdict comes out to be that SuiteCRM is better than HubSpot!

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