SuiteASSURED for Government Agencies: Benefits & Features


In today’s competitive world, private institutions are competing to provide the best possible customer service in an effort to gain as much business as possible. This has resulted in an increase in the standards of customer service by a large margin. This has led to expectations for better customer services from not only private sector business organizations, but also from government bodies, such as departments for education, health, and commercial activity.

SuiteASSURED: An Introduction

To satisfy these expectations of the citizens, it is advised for government and public departments to adopt the best CRM software that is available. In this case, it is SuiteASSURED. SuiteASSURED is an open source CRM system by SalesAgility, the name behind the award-winning SuiteCRM. SuiteASSURED is, in essence, an open source CRM like SuiteCRM itself, but with the security features of proprietary CRM software. The warranties and indemnities of SuiteASSURED make it suitable for compliance-driven organizations and enterprise-class customers. Learn more about the best open source CRM that is SuiteASSURED.

Benefits of SuiteASSURED

With a basic understanding of what SuiteASSURED is, we can now start weighing on the advantages that it has for public sector organizations. One of these benefits of using SuiteASSURED, common to most other CRM software, is that it provides a 360-degree view of all the needs of citizens and constituents. Once this is achieved, the following benefits are bound to follow.

Data Security and Integrity

SuiteASSURED is the world’s first warranted open source CRM. Hence, it offers the flexibility of open source CRM, including CRM integration and customization abilities. SuiteASSURED also offers the standards of security commonly associated with proprietary software. Since governments, their local bodies, as well as state agencies and departments, have standards and regulations to comply with, the data of such organizations also tend to be of a sensitive nature. All these factors require secure CRM software, which SuiteASSURED undeniably is, making it the best open source CRM.

Seamless Connectivity with Clients

One of the basic functions of any CRM software is to allow communication and interaction between clients or citizens with the concerned departments. Hence, the name CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Such is the case of SuiteASSURED for government agencies. This open source CRM can allow seamless communication with the clients and citizens through various communication channels and at various stages of the customer journey, driving high satisfaction levels of the general public.

Access To Crucial Information

A basic characteristic of CRM is that it acts as a central database. In the case of CRM for governments, the information stored in the CRM is to be accessed by various departments, agencies and maybe even a number of local governments. Such is possible in SuiteASSURED, but with higher standards of security. Once this is done, the various parts and bodies of government can reduce hurdles to effective coordination.

Automated Tasks and Streamlined UI

SuiteASSURED, being the best open source CRM, offers great flexibility in CRM customization. Therefore, SuiteASSURED can be customized to automate or streamline certain workflows. Such automation of workflows might include marketing automation or automation of administrative tasks. Therefore, government departments can increase their efficiency levels with the use of SuiteASSURED.

Cost-Effective CRM

SuiteASSURED provides the flexibility of open-source CRM while also providing the security of proprietary CRM, all but at a comparatively lesser price. Therefore, it would be a perfect match for government departments that have tight budgets. SuiteASSURED is, therefore, a low-cost solution for public-sector organizations looking to increase efficiency as well as greater effectiveness in operations. Task automation increases efficiency and reduces the costs incurred by these public sector organizations.

Implications of SuiteASSURED for Government

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological requirements, government organizations need a robust CRM solution. However, the government, as an institution, requires integration of unique business processes into their CRM solution, while also retaining data integrity, privacy as well as security. All these requirements are hardly found in any CRM in the market. Luckily, however, SuiteASSURED is now there to solve this issue. Government institutions can now integrate all their custom/unique workflows into SuiteASSURED, all the while retaining data security. This is what makes SuiteASSURED the best open source CRM.

Key Takeaways!

A number of benefits have been highlighted of the use of SuiteASSURED in various aspects of the government. Realization of higher efficiency and effectiveness levels of the government institutions is one of those benefits. There are even more benefits to be gained once implemented. After all, higher satisfaction levels in the general public are the ultimate goals every government strives towards. Adoption of SuiteASSURED in various government offices can act as one of the stepping stones towards this ultimate goal, followed by various strategies and tactics for relationship management. Hence it is recommended for governments to start using SuiteASSURED in their daily processes.

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