4 Ways to promote CRM adoption among Sales teams


Getting your hands on your first CRM is bound to instill joy and build anticipation for your company’s impending success. Yes, it is a one-stop solution for your business’s success but a lot more goes into using this tool in an optimal manner. CRMs help reduce manual labor and streamline business processes. However, poor adoption among your sales team can get in the way of your desired ROI.

According to a research by Inoppl technologies, around 65% of the sales reps who adopted CRM successfully met their sales quota while only 25% of them achieved without it. Valuing human interaction rather than a software-oriented approach is the main reason salespeople tend to deviate from CRM. It is crucial to have your sales team on board for ensuring the success of your CRM implementation. Here are 4 ways that will most certainly help you achieve this.  

Introduce selective features step by step

CRM offers numerous features, but developing a sense of managing all at once becomes a challenge causing the user to lose interest. To avoid this overwhelming onslaught of CRM capabilities, you should initially introduce a select few features, make sure your trainees are comfortable with these and then continue building on top of this.

Select the most suitable CRM system

One of the best ways to bring the sales team on board is through their inclusion in a system they prefer and that helps them increase sales. A user-friendly system is fundamental to success; the goal is not to put them through tests of meeting the ends but to create a facility within the team which will enhance their performance. It is imperative to be inclusive of your team in decision-making regarding the system to be used so that a sense of ownership further makes the process smooth. 

Sufficient CRM training

Training works as an essential element for better user adoption otherwise all the implementation is likely to be in vain. Your sales representatives need to have a firm grasp on the system under use otherwise it will not only affect their sales but will disincentivize them by working with an unfamiliar system. Through proper training sessions, user adoption of the CRM can be made easy. Your sales agents will soon get accustomed to the user-friendly CRM solution if the training remains regular and covers every aspect of the system to be used in the CRM. With constant help, sales representatives will get their questions addressed and remain up to date with new featured every time.

User adoption at all tiers

Instructing sales reps to use the system can be beneficial but leading by example will lead to even better adoption among employees. If the sales executives and even the CEO use the same system as the representatives, it will have a spillover effect and will accelerate the adoption process. Furthermore, discussing the benefits of a CRM system keeps the sales reps on board, but what is more engaging is sharing the advantages early learners have already started to reap. This will help the sales team boost inclinations towards speedy learning of the system.

Key Takeaway!

Promoting CRM adoption among your sales team takes effort, dedication, and a well-chalked-out strategy. However, it all begins with choosing the right CRM. SuiteCRM ticks all the boxes in this regard and can be further fine-tuned according to your unique needs and requirements. We are SuiteCRM Elite partners and can help you get started. Get in touch today for your free consultation session.

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