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One of the prime concerns in any business is the aspect of maintaining security within the organization. Companies often deal with sensitive internal data which could be crucial to important business dealings. Clients conduct transactions with companies on the pretext of data security and expect companies to keep their data private and manage the information in a way that upholds the latest security standards today.

In the interest of security, one of the best tools built to ensure a secure SuiteCRM experience is the Security Suite. Security Suite allows its users to keep their sensitive data protected from any security risk by allowing users within an organization to have selective access to relevant information. 

It is imperative that businesses keep their data protected in an age where data is the top resource that companies around the world strive hard to gather. So what benefits does the Security Suite provide to its users in achieving this end? Let’s explore!

Provide Selective Access to Employees

The need for SuiteCRM is felt by businesses that deal with large amounts of data and require a platform where that data can be consolidated, organized, and made conveniently available for review whenever needed. However, this data can be misused should any employee gain access to it without having the clearance to do so. Not only does this open the possibility of internal data leaks, it and also cause inefficiencies in the day-to-day activities of the organization, should the information be mishandled by novices or users who are not experts. 

The obvious way to prevent such issues is to create a selective user access mechanism to the information present in the SuiteCRM. Security Suite allows users to quickly and efficiently, create security groups that limit the information available to certain groups, while at the same time not interfering with their regular tasks or curtailing their access to information that they would rightfully require. 

The way this selective access works is that each employee on the SuiteCRM platform is designated the ‘user’ entity and each user has a specific ‘role’ attached to themselves. The role discerns the possible actions that a user can take, for example, viewing, editing, or deleting a record. On top of that, with Security Suite, a third entity, called ‘group’ is a collection of users that has access to a certain category of records, and in this way, different groups can have access to different data.

Protection for Users and Customers

The protection afforded to the businesses is obvious, however, the clients also have much to gain from Security Suite. Users can assure their clients that their data is in safe hands and is not prone to hacking, leakage, or hijacking. If an organization can build this implicit trust with its clients, the clients are much more likely to use the services of the same organization again. 

The benefits that the organization itself gets are also great. Since the administrators know which group has access to what particular data, they can easily keep an eye on the groups that are handling the information that needs the most security. In the event of a breach, it also allows users to quickly identify the source and take any required action. Additionally, not having access to all data allows users some relief from the responsibility of handling it well.

Efficient Data Handling

One added benefit of providing selective access to users is that sales and services teams can have access to the right data at the right time. Without having to sift through the unnecessary information available to the entire platform, Suite users can run their tasks more efficiently and get more work done. On top of that, administrators can not only create groups of users, but also personalize each group with its own custom layout, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each particular group.

Good Support Available

The Security Suite comes well equipped with user support that helps the implementation of the selective access procedure, very easy to learn. Users are provided with comprehensive instructions and features list to help them set up the Security Suite. Additionally, help is also available even after the setup is done and if the user requires further instructions on the implementation.

Available in a Range of Packages

The Security Suite is a well-built tool that enables users to ensure data security in a quick and easy way. The platform is available for use in a variety of packages, each with a slightly different combination of features. Businesses can opt for just the right platform according to their needs, and transition from one package to another, should the need arise. These packages include the enterprise version, that gives access to a quick everything-in-one security protocol. The professional version, on the other hand, enables both admin and team security, while the enhanced version allows full team security.

Our Two Bits!

Security Suite is one major way to ensure that your SuiteCRM is not only ready to enhance your business operations and streamline them, but also takes the security of its clients seriously. With RT Dynamic’s team of experts, you can incorporate the added element of security to your SuiteCRM. Use our SuiteCRM integration expertise today to tailor your CRM platform to be more safe and secure!

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Customization, Migration, Integration, and Support.  Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you!

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