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Rental businesses need proper rental management. A business simply cannot document all the different rental durations and late fees on a single excel sheet. You must use a platform that is catered to this particular kind of activity in order to grow your business. With Odoo Rental Management, you can meet all your rental needs, and be equipped with tools for business growth. You can go through the entire rental process on just one interface, which includes your rental order, scheduling, delivery, and invoicing. 

Lets gloss over the major benefits of using Odoo CRM for rentals:

Efficient Rentals

Odoo has a very sleek and modern interface with smart design sensibilities, with all the information you need at the ready.

You can access an overview through a Gantt chart for all of your products scheduled for rentals. This way you can track upcoming rentals and check which products are available, and at exactly what time. Double-check the quality of your products by making them unavailable in between orders by adding padding time in your charts.

Since everything is managed on the same screen, you can easily create orders and invoices in just a few clicks. Deliveries and returns are also managed directly from there, so you can enjoy a streamlined workflow. Overall, the entire rental process is simplified and hence makes you more efficient.

Manage Your Product and Pricing

Keep an eye on your whole inventory via the Odoo interface. Your stock can be rented out in bulk or it can be based on their respective serial numbers. 

You are able to vary the pricing on your products much differently than before. They can be time-bound, based on a minimum quantity, or can be discounted rentals for when customers meet certain conditions. After setting the pricing you can assign them to customers after scheduling. Prices can be adapted according to the unit of time, in days, weeks, and even months. The same can be done for delay costs.

Track the exact duration of product rentals and know exactly how much it will cost customers with Odoo Implementation.

Track Sales Orders

With the product configurator, you can configure and rent your products by easily selecting their product attributes. Rental orders are designed to assist your company in maximizing revenues by offering more options. These can offers can consist of insurance, delivery, and much more depending on the product context.

You can even get rental orders signed online! Customers can review the order from anywhere, and then sign right there and then as confirmation. 

This makes the whole rental process much smoother and refined. Upgrade to the latest version of Odoo 14 to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Easier Follow-Ups

You can track the exact status of the order from within the Odoo interface. You can check whether they are reserved, delivered, returned, or invoiced.

Emails will also be tracked according to the corresponding order. You can then go back and trace orders to see what the exact discussions and negotiations were. You can even follow up on invoices, and manage payment terms by either invoice or customer.

That’s a Wrap

Having Odoo for your rentals will allow your business to grow much further than before. With all of your rental needs gathered in one place, the entire process becomes streamlined and efficient. Integrating Odoo with other third-party applications can help you further enhance its rental capabilities.

Your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You can now focus on rent revenue while Odoo handles the tedium.

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