Odoo Modules: An Overview


OdooCRM is a business management software that allows its users to achieve the best of all the business solutions available. With services ranging from CRM, eCommerce, Supply Chain management to employee management, Odoo anticipates, and provides everything that a business needs to optimize its day-to-day operation.

With such a comprehensive range of solutions available, it is important for businesses to evaluate exactly which services they require from Odoo. Users can pick and choose the services that best cater to their needs and have their existing modules work together to create a successful business enterprise.

In order to do so, prospective users need to acquaint themselves with all the options available to them. Let’s dive in to explore all the modules that Odoo has to offer!


The Odoo sales module enables users to manage their day-to-day sales process and create sales orders based on a hierarchical or structural system. The users are allowed to create new orders or determine the status of an existing order. Once an order is confirmed, it can trigger an automatic delivery of the product and generate an invoice, depending on when the business deems it suitable. 

Whilst conducting a particular sale, the user can see all the information about the client and the order, displayed onscreen in one place. Users can also do a follow-up on older orders to oversee how the delivery and invoicing works. It is also a good means of keeping track of all the business operations taking place within the organization.


For businesses that have a scattered chain of warehouses and stores, it is important to not only keep in touch with the entire network to ensure that everyone is on the same page but also to accurately schedule the business processes, such as inventory and supply chain management. With the logistics module, users can create multiple warehouse locations easily and keep track of all the materials that move to and from each location. It can also enable users to control the inventory with the help of a double-entry management system, with an added functionality to detect mistakes in the system. 

Accounting And Finance

The accounting and finance module comes fully equipped with a variety of options, such as financial and analytic accounting, budget and asset management, tax management, and much more. Certain extra modules available also enable users to achieve more specific functions such as bank transfers, automatic invoicing, as well as the measurement of financial indicators. Additionally, the business can deal with different currencies and companies from around the world. Other benefits include customizable reports and real-time updates when it came to accounts.

Human Resources

Consolidating the workforce is an essential part of business management. Often, human resources is a severely understaffed and neglected portion of a business, especially when it comes to small businesses. With the help of a Human Resources module, it is easy to manage the workforce without dedicating too many resources to the department. This module keeps track of employees’ attendance, leave requests, and an overall company calendar to mark important projects. It allows administrators to validate timesheets and determine the profitability of the projects underway.


Odoo CRM is perhaps the most essential part of the Odoo software. It allows users to optimize their overall business process by managing contacts, leads, and opportunities. The interface allows users to get a 360-degree view of the entire organization and view projects as they move through the pipeline. CRM enables the entire workforce to stay in touch and keep up-to-date about the key tasks and projects as information is made available to everyone via the CRM platform. Customer relationships are also managed through CRM, as the platform can be used to keep in touch with clients and provide them with an excellent experience so as to ensure customer retention.


The marketing module helps businesses employ an effective marketing strategy that helps push their company well ahead of the others. This involves the use of automated workflows to achieve targeted marketing campaigns. These advanced workflows are created with the purpose to further the prospects of the business and improve their branding. This includes being able to design and implement email campaigns, set up marketing events, and maintaining a helpdesk to increase outreach.


Odoo eCommerce is perhaps the most convenient and easy to use eCommerce platform out there. The eCommerce module provides much more than conventional platforms, such as online form builders to capture visitors’ information, professional themes to suit the type of business, as well as the inline editing and word processing tools. At the same time, the unique building blocks system enables users to build each product page as per their exact needs without the need for complex development tools or expertise. Several other features are geared towards improving user experience, such as easy search and checkout procedures as well as a product comparator. 

And Many More!

The Odoo business management software consists of several other important modules that make it a truly unique platform. Some of the most helpful modules include the Odoo Shipping module, which offers various shipping methods, as well as Odoo manufacturing, which eases up maintenance and quality control procedures. RT Dynamic is your one-stop-shop for all your Odoo related needs and our team of Odoo certified experts is ready to help you get the most out of your Odoo platform. Leverage our expertise today!

RT Dynamic is an Official Odoo CRM Experts firm. From Odoo CRM IntegrationCustomizationMigration, and Support, we are a one-stop-shop for all your CRM needs. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!

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