Odoo CRM vs. SuiteCRM: Which Is Better?


Nowadays, the prime focus of all businesses is to improve customer relationships and streamline their business processes. This means investing in CRM software and training your employees to ensure successful CRM implementation. However, there are some CRM options that won’t cost you any bucks and can still transform your business. 

Without a doubt, Odoo CRM and SuiteCRM stand out amongst other free CRM software in the market. 

As both Odoo CRM and SuiteCRM are free and open-source, the difference lies in the CRM features. So, let’s dive in to determine which CRM software is better for your business needs and how you can leverage it.

Integration with Third-Party Software

One of the top benefits of Odoo CRM is that it isn’t just a CRM software but a complete business management software. Odoo CRM module is just one part of the platform as it is also an ERP software, accounting software, and inventory management software, etc. What does this mean for a user? Odoo CRM users don’t need to go through the hassle of investing in multiple business software and then integrating them to ensure a unified platform is in place. However, Odoo CRM users do need to pay for upgrading it with more apps. 

Now, with SuiteCRM, you have to go for SuiteCRM Integration to bring all your business software on a single platform. Even though the integration process is seamless, you need to spend money and time on SuiteCRM integration services and ensure that you get the best results.

Flexibility and User Interface

Both Odoo CRM and SuiteCRM have a flexible and interactive user interface. Usually, users don’t find it an issue to use and navigate through the different modules in both these CRM software. Moreover, Odoo CRM also offers a mobile view and help users bring their business to their fingertips and increasing accessibility. 

Activity Management

With Odoo CRM, users have the benefit of leveraging the Kanban pipeline view. This will help your teams in getting end-to-end visibility in the pipeline and ensuring that all tasks are well-organized and done on time. 

However, in SuiteCRM, you can utilize the Dynamic Boards plugin to manage your data with the power of Kanban view and make work easy through user-intuitive cards. 

Pipeline Management

As Odoo CRM offers several apps for different business needs, it’s easier to streamline your pipeline and shorten the sales cycle with it. Odoo CRM users can hit the ground running by purchasing apps rather than going through the development process of integrating it with the sales management software. 

However, SuiteCRM does not offer this option of instantly automating all your business processes and getting rid of CRM integration to address your business needs. 

CRM Customization

Both Odoo Customization and Suite Customization can be fully customized to fit your business needs and skyrocket your business growth. Be it Odoo CRM or SuiteCRM, you can leverage the expertise of our CRM Developers to enhance the functionalities of your CRM and make it speak to your business. Additionally, this also helps in increasing the user adoption rate as your employees will find CRM usage to be more relevant for their business tasks. 

What’s Next?

Now that you have the knowledge of SuiteCRM and Odoo CRM features, the best way to go about deciding which is better is to see which CRM fits your business needs. Needless to say, both Odoo CRM and SuiteCRM will help in skyrocketing your business growth and unlock the hidden potential in your business. 

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