11 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Leverage Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation has proved to be a game-changer for Financial Services companies. Now, more banks are looking for ways to engage consumers and deliver personalized marketing campaigns. According to the Digital Banking Report, banks are increasingly looking for ways to streamline the customer journey. The statistics show that 61% of retail banks are focused on improving customer relationships.

So, how can banks, insurance companies, wealth and asset management companies ensure customized marketing messages to customers? Is there any way Financial Services companies can leverage the consumer data and make each customer feel special by increasing personalized engagements?

The solution: Leverage marketing automation for Financial Services companies.

But how? Let’s dive in and see what marketing automation is, and how it can skyrocket the growth of a Financial Services company and take it to the next level.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a technology that lets you streamline marketing activities through automation, run targeted marketing campaigns and measure the results by leveraging data. It helps businesses in driving customer engagement, accelerating revenues, increasing operational efficiency and delivering personalized customer experiences.

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Financial Services

Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns

As users demand financial institutions to offer services according to their preferences, it is important to create and run personalized marketing campaigns. This is where the marketing automation strategy will act as a game-changer to increase consumer engagement. It will allow you to track user’s behavior to display content tailored to the user’s needs and intent across different social media channels, web and email.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Marketing automation lets you track customers at all touchpoints, so you can transform the customer buying journey. From opening an email to clicking a link on your website and downloading resources, you can determine the consumer’s path and interactions with your products and services.

In return, you can get the email address and put the customers at the start of your marketing funnel and later nurture the lead with drip campaigns. Later, you can use this data to run automated drip campaigns and push more users through your marketing funnel.

Customer Engagement Automation

Are you looking for ways to transform your customer service? You can do it quite effectively through marketing automation solutions. For example, if a visitor comes on your services or FAQs page, this can trigger a pop-up to ask them if they would want more tips, get access to the latest news related to the bank, upcoming offers or if they need any help.

Automated Lead Generation

Getting more leads and converting them into customers is challenging. Fast track leads capturing through automated lead generation as it is one of the main benefits of marketing automation. Additionally, you can also rank prospects through lead scoring to determine the time and effort your teams needs to spend on a certain lead.

Cross-Channel Marketing Automation

It’s high time for omnichannel marketing and integrated marketing communications. With cross-channel marketing automation, you can keep your message consistent across all platforms, and reach out to customers on their preferred channels including email, mobile, and print.

Customer Journey Automation

From onboarding to checkout, you can track all activities of users and provide them a personalized experience with offers that match their needs. Hence, customer journey automation will keep your Financial Services company a step ahead of its competitors in attracting more customers.

Sales Funnel Marketing Automation

It’s important to add value to your customer’s experience as they move through the sales funnel. In this digital age, you can’t just wait for your customers to make a purchase until they see that your products and services are adding value. Hence, to beat the competition and increase your conversion rates, go for sales funnel marketing automation.

Automated Email Campaigns

Make your marketing effective through automated email campaigns as marketing automation lets you create mailing lists. This will help financial services companies in sending targeted email marketing emails according to their market segmentation. You can also get statistics about emails opened, unsubscribers or any specified action taken.

Moreover, you can also conduct A/B Testing for email marketing campaigns to see which campaign is more effective and resonates with your target market.

Marketing Automation and Social Media Integration

Social Media has changed the marketing landscape. Through marketing automation implementation, you increase your social media presence and automate posting activities and linking your social media pages to your website. Hence, marketing automation and social media integration can be a source of good marketing referral campaigns and will help in streamlining your social media management.

Streamline Communications with Customers

With marketing automation, Banks can streamline communication with customers by creating account alerts, transaction alerts and deliver messages related to bank updates.

Marketing Analytics & Reporting

In Financial Services companies, data plays a major role in devising strategies. For your marketing efforts to yield a high ROI, it is important to measure and analyze your marketing performance to improve its effectiveness. If you have a CRM, you can make the most of Machine Learning for Marketing and increase the gap between you and your competitors.

Final Thoughts!

Marketing Automation for Financial Services companies has become a hot trend in 2019. You must also go for marketing automation implementation to leverage your consumer data and deliver personalized campaigns, attract more customers and get a competitive advantage.

We, at RT Dynamic, can help you in marketing automation implementation to amplify the ROI on your marketing campaigns and increase consumer engagement with CRM and marketing automation integration. Whether you’re on SuiteCRM or any other enterprise customer management platform, our experts can help you add the marketing automation features you need to stand out.

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