Leveraging Machine Learning for SuiteCRM


Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of business operations for many organizations. These business organizations might, on the other hand, using CRM software to help direct their marketing and sales efforts more efficiently and effectively. But can both these technologies be used simultaneously to unlock the company’s greater selling potential? Let’s find out!

Machine Learning – What It Is!

Machine learning is one of the four categories of Artificial Intelligence, the other three being Narrow Artificial Intelligence (Narrow AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Perception. Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic these days due to its lack of boundaries. Machine Learning involves the identification of patterns in large data sets. Machine Learning, through Predictive Analytics, is also capable of future prediction. This makes it one of the most popular forms of AI today.

Machine Learning and SuiteCRM Combined

Machine Learning and SuiteCRM are two technologies, the combination of which holds great potential for companies that are willing to adopt them. The reason for this is that SuiteCRM houses most of the data that a business has regarding its customers. Using Machine learning, that data can be analyzed to give the business better insights regarding its past, present as well as potential customers. Furthermore, the business can use this data in allocating its energies on the most promising of its customers while spending the least of its resources in trying to win the riskiest ones.

SuiteCRM, being an open source CRM, offers numerous options for SuiteCRM integration. Therefore, several Machine Learning technologies can be integrated with it i.e. Cogito, Mintigo, and TopOPPS. Furthermore, custom Predictive Analytics solutions can also be developed and deployed as per the needs of relevant businesses. Frameworks including  TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet might prove their worth on such occasions.

Benefits of SuiteCRM and Machine Learning Integration

As already mentioned, there is great potential in combining Machine Learning with SuiteCRM. This potential might seem limited to industry verticals with great intellectual needs such as the financial services and healthcare industries. However, there are benefits of this integration for other industries also which range from agriculture to government agencies. All these benefits lead to increased productivity, efficiency as well as effectiveness in business, hence, increasing the overall levels of profitability.

Improved Customer Insights

This has already been discussed in this article. Machine Learning technologies can leverage the data stored in the SuiteCRM to analyze customer behavior. Along with that, future interactions of clients with company staff can also be analyzed, helping the company extract valuable information including lead scores as well as prospective future demand and the effects of future marketing campaigns on customer demand.

Better Industry Insights

Certain Machine Learning tools have the ability to go through large piles of data, identifying trends as well as other relevant information. This is not just limited to the data available within the CRM since this technology can also go through big data to come out with more selling opportunities or methods to optimize business processes. Big data can be sourced from social media channels or from across the internet.

Fabricate Better Marketing Strategies

The availability of better customer insights is one of the prerequisites to formulating more effective marketing strategies, including marketing campaigns as well as target markets and marketing channels. However, machine learning in CRM can take this one step ahead by devising multiple marketing strategies for various consumer groups or using initial customer responses to improve upon the promotional efforts of the business.

Workflow Automation

Aside from assisting in Sales or Marketing side operations, Machine Learning can also add to workflow efficiency in the core or administrative areas of a business. In other words, Machine Learning also aids in the automation of SuiteCRM workflows. Furthermore, this technology can also help in the cutting down of redundant tasks, while pointing out better ways of carrying out other business processes.

Client Engagement

Machine Learning tools also aid customer support representatives by sharing some of their load. This is done by responding to client calls as well as engaging with them through various other mediums in order to secure sales. Since Machine Learning is becoming powerful enough to understand the customers’ mental as well as emotional states, it can communicate with them accordingly. So far, the results of Machine Learning technologies interacting with clients has yielded good results, which can be seen in the form of chatbots integrated within SuiteCRM.

Over To You!

We have outlined how Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence with distinctive features of its own. There is also this option of combining Machine Learning with a CRM of your choice. This can be great for your business, for reasons we’ve already discussed. Finally, a good choice of CRM for all your Machine Learning aspirations would be SuiteCRM, due to the flexibility in SuiteCRM customization that it provides, being an open source CRM.

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