SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation: 5 Benefits!


Marketing Automation is one of the most important things that any business needs when it comes to scalability and expansion. The evolution of marketing over the years has completely reshaped the landscape, as more and more media platforms have entered the foray, and consequently made it a tad bit difficult for companies to keep with the every changing dynamic nature of this industry. However, one way in which companies can leverage the most out of their customers and make sure their marketing efforts are being put to good use is by integrating their marketing tasks with SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation holds numerous benefits for businesses looking to grow. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

Data Consolidation

One of the biggest benefits of combining your SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation would be the benefit of having all of your important information in one consolidated space. You can channel all of your statistics to your SuiteCRM from all your marketing activities and campaigns and generate reports from within SuiteCRM for comprehensive analysis and direction. You can also avoid data duplication and preserve data quality by using a single copy of all of data held in one place.

Lead Nurturing

One of the biggest benefits of integrating SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation is how it benefits your lead generation and lead nurturing processes. With the help of SuiteCRM and its extensive capabilities, you can track all of your customers and create a consolidated database of their interactions with your business. You can then use this list to segment these leads and send them content that is relevant to them. You can carry out all of your email marketing activities and substantially increase your conversions.

Improved Customer Analytics

You can use SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation to identify important customer data and behaviors to get insights into how your customers interact with your business. This information can then be used to personalize customer experience and increase engagement, click-through, and conversions. The concept is pretty straight forward, the more you know about your customer, the better equipped you are to solve their problems, and consequently improve your ROI.

Third-Party Integration

You can integrate a host of third party applications with SuiteCRM to further expand your marketing processes and needs. SuiteCRM integration with MailChimp can help with email marketing needs, one with Google Analytics can give you meaningful insights into your customers and their needs and wants. An integration with Mautic can give you a holistic view of your customers and their behavior online. Suffice it to say, there no end in sight when it comes to what you can integrate with your SuiteCRM.

Optimize the Sales Cycle

One of the biggest hurdles faced by businesses these days is the lack of customer retention. With so many options out there, it only takes a second for your customer to decide he wants his business done elsewhere. In this age of skepticism, giving your customer what he needs before he realizes he needs it, is of paramount importance. SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation can be used to give your customers what they want in a swift manner that removes barriers along the way. This helps you maintain your customer satisfaction rates and helps you increase sales, and overall optimizes the sales cycle.

Key Takeaway!

Integrating SuiteCRM and Marketing Automation can be a huge game changer for all your marketing efforts and truly help you stand out among your competitors. The numerous benefits of marketing automation in lead generation, nurturing and optimization of sales is sure to help you revitalize your business operations.

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