Enhance your Email Marketing with these 3 SuiteCRM integrations


In today’s business environment great online marketing is important to gain considerable leverage over competitors. It is necessary to create a unique brand image and build a strong customer base. Email marketing forms the core of online marketing. Its benefits can not be overstated. Sending mass emails can be an exceptionally tedious process. You can completely change that by making use of marketing automation software. You can save time, increase the scale of your outreach, and improve the quality of your interactions with customers. This software comes integrated with email marketing tools

Email marketing allows you to regularly touch base with thousands of clients spread across diverse demographic and geographic locales. While integration with email platforms like Gmail and Outlook comes with specific benefits, these platforms rarely provide the tools required to run massive marketing campaigns. Marketing automation and email marketing platforms such as Marketo, Mail Chimp, and Act-On are well-known for their innovative and cutting edge solutions. They will assist you in running effective marketing campaigns and drive higher  ROI. 

Let’s dive into the three platforms that are going to change the way you do email marketing.                                                                                                                                                           



Marketo is known to provide ground-breaking marketing solutions. It is akin to keeping a specialized consultant for your company. Marketo gives you the ability to track all the marketing efforts undertaken by your company especially on the email marketing front. It is great at synchronizing from various platforms. 

Marketo comes with unique and dynamic emailing formats. You can draw more attention through your appealing email designs. Marketo comes with a multi-linguistic spell-checker. This allows you to increase the global outreach of your company. You can entrance your target audience by writing to them in their native language! Marketo gives you a comprehensive plan so that your email marketing is braided perfectly in your overall marketing plans. It is a great application to stimulate conversation with your customers through specialized email campaigns and trigger email marketing. 

In addition to this, Marketo comes with an exceptionally user-friendly interface. The drop-down menus and little or no coding requirements make it especially useful for your marketing teams. You can now drive highly productive email marketing campaigns without having to ever code. 


You can achieve explosive marketing growth by making use of the RSS campaigns offered by MailChimp. RSS campaigns automate essential tasks for you– your customers will receive email updates every time something new is posted on your website. At the same time, once integrated with your CRM, MailChimp easily synchronizes contact information and other details into its mailing lists. You can further segment your target audience, create tags, and apply flyers to send highly relevant, personalized, and specialized emails to your clients. The efficient and effective automation of your marketing processes has been valued highly by MailChimp users. 

MailChimp further gives you the tools to edit, upload, and store photos in real-time. This tool distinguishes MailChimp from other marketing platforms and adds important functionality to your CRM. Furthermore, MailChimp is a great platform because it promises a high level of security. This translates into the higher efficacy of your organization. MailChimp also runs highly specialized marketing research. In the process, it de-duplicates your data and runs multivariate campaign tests. It assists you in creating dynamic and engaging forms to garner higher attention. MailChimp is also a great platform to automate the processes of crafting and sending newsletters in emails.  Mailchimp comes with a well-rounded dashboard. You can get a well-rounded idea of your audience simply by glancing at the dashboard. 

All of these features when combined promise greater returns on your marketing campaigns. 



Act-on gives you the tools to maximize the marketing potential of your SuiteCRM. It is a marketing automation platform that propels the marketing of both  B2B and B2C ventures. This aspect of Act-On distinguishes it from all the other platforms.  The platform gives you a 360 degrees view of leads. Act-On creates comprehensive profiles of leads and includes crucial details like the history of previous interactions and general behavior. You now can qualify and prioritize your communication plan with leads that have the most potential. You can run similar checks on your existing client base to increase the retention rate of your company. With Act-On, a holistic and well-informed marketing campaign is only a few steps away from you. 

Act-On increases your capacity to run a multi-channel campaign. It further ensures that your email marketing is well aligned with your social media campaigns. Act-On can be easily embedded in your SuiteCRM, making it one of the most popular third-party marketing solutions for CRM users. 


Take Action!   

 SuiteCRM is an excellent platform to manage your customer relations. It is an open-source platform and highly customizable. It is especially useful for small businesses and start-ups. It can also be integrated with several payment gateways.  The compound effect of other integrations is further going to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your enterprise.  If you are interested in migrating to SugarCRM or performing new integrations or customizations, you can always reach out to RT Dynamic for a  free consultation.       

RT Dynamic, being an Official SuiteCRM Experts firm, is proficient in the provision of services including SuiteCRM Migration, Integration, and Support.  Get in touch by filling out the Contact form. We will be glad to assist you! 

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