SuiteCRM for eCommerce and Retail Businesses


The modern market is increasingly getting inclined towards eCommerce and e-shopping which has modified the retail industry. To keep up with these shifting trends SuiteCRM has also evolved in a fashion to reap maximum benefits. Since the online businesses have the opportunity to target a greater audience and their marketing campaigns are not limited by manual constraints, the online retailers find themselves in a strict competition with their rivals. To cater to the unconstrained business outreach and the proportionally rising need for excellent customer care services, SuiteCRM has tailored itself to provide the eCommerce industry the desired retail experience.
Here are a few main benefits SuiteCRM offers.

Customer preference recognition

Online businesses are heavily dependent on advertisements that repeatedly cut across user’s sight while using social media platforms. The system works by tracking user preference patterns from the search engines and displays related ads during the social media usage. Being a retail business you would also want your ad to gain popularity, have an increased viewership and in turn an increased demand.
SuiteCRM further provides you customer segmented data for a one to one dealing with the clients and offer personalized customer care services. With the customer preferences recognized and categorized, addressing the concerns becomes easier and the service becomes efficient.

Access to accurate information

To boost sales and strengthen customer sales, SuiteCRM offers deep insights into customer activities once the site is visited. It aims to maximize the customer return and turn visitors into shoppers through its targeted actions. By providing this 360 degrees view of the shoppers and customers on board, the sales agents can take appropriate actions to attract sales as per customer requirements.

Social media synchronization

To run a successful business, company’s social media pages act as a hub for customer interaction. Not only do these serve as a platform to attract the greatest customer traffic but also as a forum to provide information and address their queries. To handle this enormous customer base flowing in through various social sites, SuiteCRM integrates these onto a single synchronized yet distinguished system. This centralization of the entire process generates efficiency and enables the company to prompt up their response time. This is a direct indicator of how much the company values its customers and how efficient it itself is.

Payment database

Managing and analyzing different payment systems becomes problematic especially when the customer base is inflating. As imperative it is for a retail business to support different payment channels to facilitate the customers in choosing their preferred mode, so is the periodic analysis of this payment database. SuiteCRM enables the company to trace all the relevant payment discrepancies and keep an accurate check of all the invoices and billing procedures. SuiteCRM analytic tools provide statistics which highlight the high-value customers as a priority, best payment sources yielding highest revenue and high demand trends, thus the organization designs its services in a customized fashion which help maximize the results.

Order management

Order processing and its management are the integral functionalities determining a company’s performance according to the customer. It needs to be a seamless procedure from beginning to the end. With the use of SuiteCRM, each package can enjoy checks and balances over every procedure from its order placement to its processing, shipment, delivery and till customer feedback. Failure in synchronization of order management can result in serious repercussions such as loss of loyal customer base. CRM solution facilitates you with a mechanized system to overcome the timing delays and procedural lags for the eCommerce industry.

Key Takeaway!

Do you want your business to stand out in the eCommerce industry and widen your customer pool in the most efficient way? Do you wish to up your customer return rate? Set your retail business on the go whilst boosting your customer satisfaction. Get in touch and let us help you choose the best SuiteCRM customizations for your business

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