Why Mautic Integration with SuiteCRM Is Your Key to Marketing Excellence


What Is Mautic?

Mautic is one of the best marketing automation platforms offering great features such as automated campaigns, website tracking, lead scoring, email marketing, and more. Mautic’s integration with SuiteCRM automates and streamlines the marketing process and activities across various touchpoints. Owing to SuiteCRM being open-source, there are several Mautic plugins for SuiteCRM available in the virtual marketplace, all of which are highly customizable and adaptable to different business needs and requirements. Implementing a marketing automation software such as Mautic not only saves time by eliminating repetitive and redundant tasks but also enhances the productivity of your marketing campaigns by nurturing leads and converting them into your customers, thus resulting in business growth.

Why Integrate SuiteCRM with Mautic?

With the passage of time, customer engagements across digital channels are becoming more and more important and should be handled in an intelligent way to get the most results out of them. That’s where the Mautic-SuiteCRM integration comes in. If you are using SuiteCRM for your business, you probably already know how great it is but you also need to know that unless you use it to its fullest potential, you cannot get the optimum results. That is why you need to get SuiteCRM Integration and customization done to increase its productivity and to give your customers an unparalleled experience. Otherwise, SuiteCRM is just another tool making things more complex for you rather than managing and automating your business processes.

Moreover, switching between multiple platforms and different windows gets really time-consuming and frustrating at times. An integrated central interface makes things less complex and enables you to monitor different brand engagements simultaneously.

Benefits of Mautic and SuiteCRM Integration – Key Features

Integrating the Mautic platform with SuiteCRM not only transforms the marketing process but also opens a lot more opportunities and possibilities for you across all digital marketing platforms. Here are some key benefits that you get after integrating your SuiteCRM with Mautic.

Efficient Website Tracking

Knowing your audience and garnering data is key because it enables you to analyze and make correct decisions. Mautic’s marketing features enable users to track website visitors’ journeys and monitor engagement as well as complete customer behavior. In a nutshell, Mautic gives you more insights into your audience and the type of content they are interacting with the most. This helps you tailor your content in accordance with what is getting more eyeballs.

Lead Scoring Functionality

This is a great way to prioritize and label leads according to their current status. You cannot deal with every lead in the same manner. Lead scoring functionality enables you to assign scoring and rating to your leads so that you know their willingness and interest in your business. You can then nurture the lead by building automated and personalized campaigns according to the score of the lead. Another good practice is to assign the contact to a sales resource to qualify it as your next client. Hence, it also organizes the whole sales process.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

As Mautic believes in highly personalized marketing, this feature helps you to market at the individual account level by using all the customer information and contact details. Strategize your marketing content according to the account and also keep the representatives from other departments like customer support and sales on board in order to provide unforgettable customer experience on different channels.


Reporting and analysis cannot be done unless you have meaningful data. This also helps you to make informed decisions about your business. Mautic’s integration with SuiteCRM lets you understand your audience in-depth and keep track of your marketing activity. This also empowers you to know which touchpoints your customers are interacting on the most and why. Create reporting matrices and dashlets on your dashboard for real-time, swift and intelligent monitoring.

Third-Party Integrations

Open source and open API gives you freedom and flexibility. Easily integrate third-party applications with Mautic that are currently the requirement of your business. There is a wide range of applications, especially sales and marketing applications, that you can integrate with Mautic. Sync all these applications and get a unified and holistic view without the hassle of switching between one and the other application. This not only saves time but also raises overall productivity.

The Bottom Line!

Mautic is a leading Marketing automation solution that enables you to create dynamic marketing campaigns that are highly targeted and result oriented. Its integration with SuiteCRM helps you to fully optimize the marketing process across all digital platforms.

RT Dynamic can help you in a seamless integration of Mautic with your SuiteCRM to take your marketing to the next level. RT Dynamic also specializes in providing other SuiteCRM services like SuiteCRM Customization and SuiteCRM Support.Get in touch

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